Hiring A Hybrid App Development Company: Things to look out for in 2021


Rajiv Patil

Hiring A Hybrid App Development Company

We have seen phenomenal growth in mobile app development in the last five years and how new businesses are relying on the latest technology to build engaging mobile apps and websites to reach their potential customers. With the growing need for mobile applications, we have also witnessed a surge in mobile app development companies in the country. More options always equate to healthy competition among the companies and exciting work for the clients, but at the same time, it can also be equally overwhelming for the clients due to the confusion as they are now spoilt for choices.

In the last decade, we have seen a lot of international companies hiring Indian app development companies because of their strong work ethic and affordability. However, it can be difficult to choose the right option for you. Now, we are here to help you find the best mobile app development company in India through the course of this blog.

What is Hybrid App Development and how is it useful?

Hybrid mobile applications are installed on a device similar to a native app. The only difference is that hybrid apps have all the elements of native applications (apps developed specifically for iOS or Android) with some elements from web applications (websites that look like apps but are actually not installed on a device) that can be accessed via a web browser.

Hybrid applications are installed in a native container that uses a mobile WebView object. When the application is used, this object shows web content by using web tech like CSS, JavaScript or HTML etc. Actually, it displays web pages from a website that are adapted for a WebView display. The web content can be displayed when the application is opened or for specific parts of the application only. Let us understand why Hybrid apps are important.

  • It helps to merge user experience in an agile development cycle along with affordability.
  • There is no dependency on the App Store for app deployment.
  • It is easier to find resources to build hybrid apps using technologies like HTML, CSS or JavaScript instead of finding developers specifically experienced in Objective C, Swift or Java for iOS and Android development.
  • It will help you significantly reduce the development time and cost.

How to look out for the needs of developing a Hybrid Application?

If you are thinking about whether to develop a hybrid mobile application or not, you can check out the factors below that will help you to decide whether it is a good choice for you or not.

- Time and Cost

Hybrid app development is the perfect platform if you are looking to save time and money as it will be based only on a single codebase instead of building separate codes for both native iOS and Android applications. For some reason, a hybrid app development process can take more time due to defects or bug fixes encountered during the application development stage. The development and testing process is completely different for hybrid apps when compared to native apps and if you are able to develop an app faster, you will save a lot of money in resources and the testing phase as well.

- Features

The primary factor to consider is to determine the features that you need in your application and whether you can include them in your hybrid application. A straightforward question to ask is “Can this be viewed on a website?” If your answer is no then you will need a native app.

Hybrid apps always require an envelope that allows the application to run on a particular platform. For instance, Phonegap or Cordova always uses libraries that enable you to use native functionality in a hybrid setting.

It is important to understand that native libraries will have a few disadvantages. It will take more time as they have to be written for each targeted framework. Moreover, by using these libraries you are entrusting the open-source community for timely maintenance and thorough documentation.

- Performance

If performance is your only concern, then native apps would be your best choice as hybrid apps are slower than native applications. Interestingly, Facebook has invested in a mobile web app and in 2012, CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that their mobile strategy is dependent on HTML5 instead of native apps. This might have come across as a performance issue in Facebook which was soon corrected by the Social Media Giant.

Hybrid apps have a few constraints if directly compared with native apps. One of the most evident limitations is that of memory usage. You will need to keep memory usage in mind as mobile applications will always run on a handheld device. Hybrid apps with a web view require more memory so you might want to consider it before diving deep. Especially if performance is your sole priority.

Things to keep in mind while hiring Hybrid Application Developers?

As soon as you have figured out your requirements, you will need to find hybrid application developers for your project. You would definitely want to invest in an experienced company that will have the expertise to develop your app. However, it can be a huge task to find suitable hybrid application developers or hybrid application development companies.

Before you make a choice, you must understand the points to keep in mind for timely development. Mobile application development projects generally fall into the below categories:

1. End-to-End App Development -

Are you looking for help at each and every step of the development phase? There are specialised hybrid app development companies that take care of end-to-end development. This includes strategy, design, implementation and development along with testing and app maintenance. This is a safe option for start-ups and also for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Design and Development -

You have an idea about the app that you are looking to develop. Moreover, you have taken care of competitor research, marketing strategy, core functionality etc. In that case, you have already done the most important part of the project. Now, you are only looking for help in terms of UI/UX design and hybrid app development. So, then you should be looking for a company that can design and develop your dream application.

3. Specific Assistance -

If you have already created a working model or prototype of the application and are only looking for some changes in design and development then you will have to look for a company that can help you with specific rework or redesign.

Apart from that, you can also check out some popular B2B platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, DesignRush etc. to find a suitable hybrid app development company.

Why should you outsource Hybrid Application development rather than doing it by yourself?

It is crucial to understand why companies look to outsource their app development process instead of nurturing an in-house team. The reason being, if you are looking to develop an in-house hybrid application then you will need to build a team of marketers, app developers, designers, quality analysts. This is a major investment and there can be overhead costs that come along with these fixed costs. We will now talk about the benefits of outsourcing hybrid mobile app development:

You will not have to worry about hiring the best developers and designers when you outsource it to another company. The company that will work with you has already invested in these resources and you can start getting their services.

When you are working with a hybrid app development company, you do not have to worry about training and development. Hence, you can save a lot of time and resources that can be used elsewhere.

Outsourcing reach is not bound by geographical constraints and you can hire one of the best hybrid app development companies.  in the world sitting at your own location.

In the end, you will have less burden and responsibilities to focus on your business strategy and taking it forward.


Searching, selecting and hiring the right hybrid mobile application development company can be an overwhelming process. It should definitely not be a hurried process. The ideal thing to do is to focus on a few companies before finalising an appropriate company. as per your business needs. It is in your best interest to keep this guide handy and follow the steps to attain success. If you are looking for further information, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your hybrid app development process.

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