Step-by-Step Process to Set-Up a User-Friendly Live Chat-Box for Wordpress website.


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Step-by-Step Process to Set-Up a User-Friendly Live Chat-Box for Wordpress website.

Websites and mobile applications these days are looking to provide a personal touch to their users as business owners have realised the value of personalization. If you do not agree, you can try to analyze your favourite blog, website or mobile application and you will have an idea. Even if we consider the bare essentials, it would definitely include a contact form, email address or social media profile links. This is where Live Chat has started a revolution for businesses looking to capitalise on incoming traffic and solving customer queries instantly. 

As a business with stunning website traffic, Live chat enables you to offer phenomenal customer service by addressing customer queries right away. It can propel more conversions as you can respond to sales inquiries on the go, reduce buyer friction and offer a comforting human presence until customers are comfortable to spend their money.

In this post, we are going to take a look at the step-by-step process to set up a Live Chat box for your WordPress website and some popular Live Chat Plugins.

What is a Chat-box and How can it be useful to get leads?

Live Chat is a small chat-box that pops up on the users’ screen when they are on a website and are looking for further information. It has the ability to fulfill your customer’s needs if it is used properly by a trained and knowledgeable team. Live Chat is the perfect option to bolster the lead generation process. It allows a fast, simple and the cheapest option to engage with your target market and initiate a direct conversation in real-time. A study by Vtldesign suggests that 91% of users invited to a live chat with a sales team enjoyed the experience as it enabled them to make a better purchase decision. 

Step-by-Step guide to set-up a Live Chat Box in a Wordpress Website

In this segment we will show you an in-depth guide to set up a Live Chat box to your WordPress website which will help you even if you are not a technical user as it doesn’t include any code. For this post, we will use the example of LiveChat Plugin.

Step 1: Install LiveChat Plugin from

The first step in the process is to install the “LiveChat” Plugin from We have taken the example of LiveChat Plugin, but the process will remain the same for any free Live Chat Plugin.

Step 2: Setup a free LiveChat Account

As soon as you install and activate the plugin, you can set up a free account by submitting a few details. Now, you will get a 30-day free trial (no credit card needed) so no need to enter any payment details. After that, you will have to enter your website URL and your further plan to use the WordPress LiveChat box. In the end, you will need to submit a few more details about your organization.

Step 3: Link LiveChat Plugin with your new LiveChat account


In this step, go back to the LiveChat section in your dashboard and select the option to Sign-in with LiveChat. You will see a pop-up window, click on the Allow option and you will successfully add live chat to your WordPress website. You can go to the front section of the website and see how it looks to the end user.

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with LiveChat Interface

To work with most parts of your live chat, you will be using the LiveChat website interface. It can look overwhelming at first however, the tool offers an informative welcome wizard that will guide you through the crucial elements of the interface. At first, you might want to skip it but we advise you to go through the setup wizard as it will provide a solid overview of the important features.

Step 5: Customize It as per your Business Needs

As you get familiarised with the welcome wizard, you should be on your way to chat with your users. Next, you can customize your live chat box to suit your requirements. You can use the customization option to make changes to:

  • Choose a new chat box theme
  • Mix and match colors to suit your website
  • Shift the chat box position
  • Display your business logo or the chat rep’s avatar
  • Allow sounds

Once you are through, you can play around the settings to get used to the available options like changing automatic messages sent to your users or the look of the chat box for certain pages if needed.

After this step, you will be ready to chat with your users. If you would like to use the live chat box beyond your 30-day free trial, you can purchase the plan at $16 per month for a single agent.

What are some of the best live chat plugins for WordPress?

If you have come this far, you are here to add live chat to your WordPress website. Here, we are going to talk about some of the best live chat plugins for WordPress.



LiveChat WordPress chatbox plugin is one of the most commonly used live chat plugin for WordPress websites around the globe as it has something for both website users as well as for your business. There are lots of features that make LiveChat really special, some of which are as under:

  • Enables you to directly interact with the user by initiating a conversation
  • Easy to customize the chat window
  • A single dashboard to manage all the conversations
  • Customer interaction is marked with different colors that show how long the user has been waiting for a response.
  • Easy to retrieve complete history of all live chats
  • 30-day free trial to test and get used to the platform

The pricing as discussed above would depend on the total number of agents on your live chat team and it starts with $16 per month per agent.


The second option is not only a live chat plugin but it is still quite simple to integrate with your website. Essentially, you will receive an embedded code which can be placed in your website’s footer. Sendinblue is also quite popular for its email marketing tool along with its live chat plugin. So, with sendinblue you get access to the following options:

  • Send broadcast and email newsletters
  • Email marketing templates
  • Email via SMTP
  • Manage Facebook ads
  • Build web pages
  • Send SMS to phones

It is a great tool for businesses looking to use all the above functions and it is perfect when Sendinblue offers an all-inclusive deal. The above features are priced at $66 per month where you can additionally send 120,000 emails per month. With Sendinblue, you will not need WordPress web developers for hire.  


Olark is a multi-dimensional live chat plugin which can be used in WordPress by using a single widget. It offers you a piece of code which can be embedded in your website as per your requirement. Other features of Olark include:

  • Easy to track chat reports, frequency, responses and user experience.
  • Integration with Salesforce, Nutshell and other CRMs.
  • Features to hide and show chat boxes, auto send messages and more.
  • Simple Helpdesk integration
  • Easy to group your operators in different teams.
  • View users’ shopping cart to offer more insight into the customer journey. 

Apart from that, you get the user’s journey mapped on each chat box. It offers you a dynamic chat option which is quite different from previous plugins.


For a long time now, Zendesk chat has been one of the most widely used chat services used on WordPress websites. It is quite easy to install with a WordPress plugin which is available for free. Zendesk offers one of the most trendy chat boxes with customizable layouts and themes.

If you are looking to respond to chats on the go, it is best to install a separate iPhone or Android app. The dashboard is usually filled with important metrics that enable you to review chat performances, track chat history and track your users in real time. A free Zendesk subscription enables one chat representative to attend multiple chats but not at the same time. However, you can upgrade to a premium version at $14 per month. With the premium version, you can get additional features like auto-launch where the chat box is triggered if a user is stuck on a page for more than one minute.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio is one of the simplest live chat plugins to work with, you just need to activate the plugin and it is good to go. It comes with three basic designs and you can change the color to suit your website. Live chats can be managed from a Chat tab which can be accessed through your WordPress dashboard. An alternative solution is to install a desktop version, iOS or Android app. For some reason, if you are not available for chat, it will direct the incoming messages to your inbox. In the same way, if a user leaves chat midway, you can send a follow-up message via email. Just like Zendesk, Tidio also allows you to have one agent attending one chat at a time in the free version and the premium version starts from $16.80 per month for unlimited chats and messages.

Live Chat Unlimited

If you feel uncomfortable paying a monthly retainer for live chat plugins then you must go for the Live Chat Unlimited which is available for a flat fee of $75. Live chats are managed from the WordPress dashboard which is great if you are logged in throughout the day. You have an option to customize the chat boxes as there are only two colors to choose from. With the unlimited option, you can effortlessly handle unlimited chats at a time across multiple chat agents. If no one is available online, the message will be sent to the email.



Formilla is a wonderful yet free live chat solution. If you have a new website with low to moderate traffic then you can use Formilla for free where you get one chat representative, one chat at a time and around 30 chats per month. Now, if you are looking for live chat plugins that can handle large volumes then 30 chats per month would not be enough for you. In that case you can get an upgrade to the premium version at $11.99 per month. The premium users can access chats through Android or iOS apps along with the Formilla interface.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is one of the crowd favorite plugins due to the beautiful chat boxes it develops. You can easily customize any part of the chat box with multiple colors, animations and custom images. Pure Chat is a perfectly able tool with functionalities like analytics, multi-chat management and proactive chat triggers. Moreover, there is an option to schedule live chat to go online or offline. When offline, the chat will be sent to you via email. The free version of Pure Chat offers you only 15 chats per month but the premium version is available from $39 per month which provides support for multiple chats for up to four users.


LiveChat is preferred for its simplicity and for the reason that it offers you a wide range of tools to interact with your users when you are on a tight budget. If you are content with using the dashboard to chat with the users then you can also use another free plugin called 3CX Live Chat. Now, we have included a step-by-step guide on how to set up your live chat plugin along with eight of the most popular plugins for live chat. We hope this guide will help you to start your first live chat and if you have any issues you can contact Nimblechapps, WordPress web design services company

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