How Talent Acquisition App is Useful for Recruitment Process in 2022


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Technology has shifted the landscape of the world and enhanced the working process, communication and user experience. Due to digital enhancements, we are witnessing a time where work can be accomplished with the help of amazing technologies we have access to. Similar to other segments, technology has been an integral part of the recruitment and job search process. It is now easier to look for a job which was not the same a few years ago. The technical era of recruitment is doing great to filter the candidates and desirable jobs better than a human mind with the help of some digital platforms. Due to the pandemic induced lockdowns and restrictions, the job portal needs to be improved and so does the job portal application development.

Such apps are built to reduce the gap between recruiters and job seekers. For recruiters and hiring managers, it is easier to find candidates to suit niche candidates who might not be looking for a job change. Apart from that, job seekers can get in touch with the employer, create a great work profile to catch the recruiters’ attention and simply apply with a single click.

Due to the growing benefits of this shift, businesses are no longer using the conventional method to post a job opening in their company and this results in high demand for job portal applications like Indeed, Seek etc. Developing a job portal application is a good idea for entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a successful recruitment company. In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to the job portal application development.

Benefits of Job Search Application for Job Seekers:

According to Gartner, more than 2.3 million jobs will be created due to a shift in Artificial Intelligence. As per a figure, you can easily get that the demand for online job search will rise with the improvement in technology. If you are looking to develop an advanced job portal, then you must read about the major benefits of job portal apps for both employers and job seekers.

1. Look for Job Alerts -

One of the main benefits that a job seeker never wants to miss is a job alert. A good job search application never lets you miss a job opportunity matching your requirements. A feature-driven and reliable job alert application provide timely updates when an opportunity matching the seeker’s job profile comes up. The job portal makes sure that the seeker would never miss an update and apply for their dream job to begin their professional journey.

2. Confidential and Reliable -

These applications are highly secure and maintain your privacy. As soon as a job seeker creates a new profile, they update personal details, resume, skills, accomplishments and other vital information and the app keeps the data safe and private. It depends on the job seeker’s approval. Only job seekers can choose to make their data visible to their particular choice.

3. Highly Efficient -

Job search applications are quite effective for job seekers. These applications are quite efficient as they are helpful in finding a perfect job opportunity. It also simplifies and shortens the recruitment process where a candidate requires you to put the resume online and wait for the perfect employers to visit his profile.

4. Endless Job Opportunities -

Job search applications are a great boon for people to get hundreds of job opportunities. These job portals have a long list of opportunities as job vacancies from top companies. It is easy to browse the list of good jobs and choose the right one.

5. Cost-Effective Job Search -

A candidate can spend a lot of money on transportation, convenience etc when they go for walk-in interviews. However, with digital job search tools, it becomes incredibly easy to get the dream job in the comfort of your home. These applications offer the options and feasibility to search and apply for jobs online without worrying about the cost involved.

Benefits of Talent Acquisition Apps for Employers:

 - Ease of Selection

With the help of a talent acquisition or job search app, it is easy to find a list of job seekers with the required skills, experience and expertise. This can improve the hiring process so that the recruiter can have the knowledge of the job seekers and make the hiring process smooth and efficient.

 - Brand Promotion

Job search tools allow employers to effectively promote their brand in the digital world. According to a report, about 80 percent of employers believe that brands can augment their ability to attract superior talent and hire the best candidates for their brand using these tools.

 - Simplified Resume Search

Most job search apps have easy-to-use filters. It is possible to set the right filters to locate the most suitable resumes with the right type of skills and experience. This eases the hiring process as the employers do not need to go through each resume one by one.

Now, we will discuss the features that must be a part of a job search application. We will include the features for the Job Seeker Panel, Recruiter Panel and Admin Panel.

Tools to Use in Job Seeker Panel in a Job Search Application

1. Social Sign Up/Login

The social sign up feature enables the users to sign-up or log in using their social media accounts like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn etc.

2. Resume Management

The job search app should offer a particular feature for resume management. The job seeker can upload their resume in different formats to provide a clear picture to the job poster. Apart from this, there should be an in-app feature where the job seeker can create or edit their resume in a better way.

3. Profile Management

This feature should state the complete information of the candidates, their description, details, previous experience, picture and other vital information.

4. Advanced Job Search

The application should include an advanced search filter like experience, location, keyword, salary expectations etc. Your application must allow job-seekers to search for jobs quickly. This feature will enable the seekers so that they can apply for jobs based on their suitability.

5. Send Resume

There must be a feature where the seeker can simply send the resume to the job poster for an enhanced reach and get an instant review.

6. Video Resume 

It would be great if the application offers the functionality to create video resumes as it is a rising trend. If you are building a new job portal, then you must include this creative feature of seeker introduction.

7. Interview Scheduling

Keeping the remote working environment in mind, it is important to include interview scheduling via video conferencing so the candidates can perform the interview process from anywhere.

8. Push Notifications

This is a crucial feature of any application these days as it allows the admin to send timely updates to the users. The job seeker can receive notifications about their preferred job, location, salary etc. Your application should include a push notification feature so the users can get timely notifications.

9. Bookmark Your Favorite Job

A job search app should include a feature where users can bookmark their favourite jobs or employer to get timely updates from that bookmarked section.

Tools to Use in Recruiter Panel in a Job Search Application

1. Sign Up/ Login via email

It is a simple yet intrinsic feature that allows recruiters to easily sign up by using either email ids or directly using social media accounts for login/sign up.

2. Job Creation

This particular feature enables the recruiter to create a job, post the job, and edit it as per custom requirements. It assists the recruiter to target their desired candidates.

3. Send Email

A feature where recruiters can send direct emails to the job seekers would be helpful to the recruiters. It will allow the recruiters to continue working from the same application.

4. Download Resumes

It would be great if there is a filter feature in the recruiter's panel where the job poster can filter or download the resume as and when required.

5. Send Job Invites

Now, the job invite feature allows the recruiters to send invites to job seekers to get access to an additional channel to find the job, and the recruiter can get the extra medium to hire candidates.

6. Subscription Plan Payment

There should be an easy way to make the payment. Secure payment mode integration is the number one priority for any job portal development company. Including a reliable payment gateway makes it comfortable to handle the users on the application.

Tools to Use in Admin Panel in a Job Search Application:

1. Manage Job Ads

This particular feature is handy where the admin can manage the job ads and their placings so that the ads are displayed to users looking for that information.

2. Manage Candidate Profiles

This feature enables the admin to manage the job seeker’s profile according to the details needed.

3. Package Management

The Admin can efficiently manage the package and offer the approximated package to offer the job seekers and recruiters a picture of getting the desired package.

4. Document Management System

Document extraction analyses and stores useful information from an uploaded CV and other documents automatically. Hence, it converts an unstructured form of resume data into a structured way. This feature helps the job seeker and the recruiter to have a clear document of the details.

5. Recruiter Profile Management

The Admin panel manages the recruiter profile as everyone wants to target the entity which carries the complete details. Hence the admin panel should have the profile management feature.

6. Job Invitations

The Admin should manage the invitation that operates from recruiters. This feature has the extra advantage of connecting candidates using invites.

7. Data Reports

The Admin panel manages the data reports of all the job seekers and employers. It includes the admin panel for all these types of reports.

How much does it cost to build a Job Search Application?

There is no fixed answer for this type of question. The cost depends on a lot of factors which we will discuss here. Even if you are planning to develop an existing job search app’s clone, a rough estimate may take some calculation. It is important to understand that each organization has different workflows and requirements. There is always room for customization in app development.

Let us think about a fully customized job search app development.

  • A job search app requires a database, which includes a lot of backend development. Now, discovering and building the application’s business logic is a huge effort unless there is a specification in place.
  • Different types of users will need different features so you may end up with two or three separate applications.
  • A job search app can be used in two ways: search and discovery, workflow and payment. The more complexity you need, the harder it is to develop, the more robust architecture you require from day one.
  • The factors affecting the cost of the application are the app size, interfaces, platforms, developers, 3rd party APIs and SDKs


The rising need to find the right job has increased the number of mobile recruitment apps available. Hence, there can be a significant hike in the price of development in these testing times. So, it is best to consult with a top mobile app development company right now. And turn your business ideas and concepts into reality. Try to make sure that your business is efficient and profitable, you must include some unique features that are not available in the previous app versions. This will offer you a competitive advantage and help you reach a wider target audience.

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