Top-3 Latest Mobile Design Trends for the Mobile App Designers


Keval Padia

It is extremely important for mobile app designers to be on a constant lookout for the latest mobile design trends. If they don’t keep themselves updated, their work will look old, the design will become less functional, and other better designers will move ahead of them. Trends in mobile app development may just seem unlimited. Keeping yourself updated with the new trends doesn’t require you to take up a course or something. All you got to do is watch out for any new industry trends and keep a check at what the user’s need and how those needs change. Now that 2018 is ending in two weeks and we will be entering 2019, it is time to reflect on the way mobile app design trends have changed in the past year. According to an estimate, nearly 269 billion apps will be downloaded in 2018 but currently we have 2.1 billion mobile users and in 2019. This is also a time where we will be predicting about which trends will make it to 2019 and be some of the major mobile design trends of next year. Let’s take a look.

1. Augmented Reality

It is obviously not a new mobile design trend. Mobile apps have incorporated augmented reality in the past and the biggest example of that is Pokémon Go. People also argued that Pokémon Go acted as a fitness app. Mobile app designers are focusing on creating user interfaces that are more practical and functional. Apple recently released it's ARKit 2, so a lot of mobile apps are expected to integrate augmented reality in 2019. But just because it is available doesn’t mean it has to be incorporated. Do it only if it is justifiable. One good example of using AR is on a shopping app. If you are selling clothes, it would be useful to having AR incorporated within the app. If you’re looking to know more about other trends, why not check out our blog on Expected iOS and Android App Development Trends for 2019?

2. Video and Animations

The human attention span is only getting shorter year by year. Mobile app designers compete with millions of other designers from around the world. To be able to create something that catches people’s attention and also keeps them on the app for more than just 8 seconds. The trending solution for this is video and animations. Video content has replaced written content on all social media. People are uploading all kinds of videos from food recipes to make up tutorials, instead of writing that content. People who are interested in content will find both these ways interesting and useful. This can be used to improve the overall user experience. Major important information can be presented in the way of video or animations. This will prove to be both effective and easy. Designers will need to keep these videos short and also small enough so that the performance is not affected. Even animations will work in most parts. The best thing about animations is that they are visually appealing and catches a user’s attention easily. A lot of information can be conveyed by the use of animations. Animations can also be easily led by the users themselves. All the integrations are important as they improve the user experience and thus increase customer loyalty.

3. Conversational Design

Facebook unveiled chatbots in their Messenger app back in 2017. Since then, several major brands and also a lot of mobile app designers have tried to incorporate chatbots to their mobile apps. But possibilities for chatbots is endless, really. Chatbots definitely have the ability to be the most essential mobile design trend. When the conversational design is merged with artificial intelligence, it can have a major impact on the improvement of the UX. People look for a contact number on the app or website in order to get in touch with you. But if you have chatbots on your website or app, you can answer the user queries quickly and the whole process can be carried out more efficiently. It might be a bit difficult to figure out how to integrate the chatbot in the app, but once you do that, the rest of the process will be easy.

These Designs Have Something in Common

All the above mentioned mobile design trends have one thing in common: their aim is to create a seamless user experience. Offering a great user experience is every mobile app designer’s major goal. So no matter what trends you are looking at for 2019, make sure that the overall user experience is benefitting from it.

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