Why your App Design Process can Make all the Difference


Keval Padia

The way you go about designing your app is so important. No matter how great your idea is, you need to ensure you have a plan in place. Whether you’re creating your app in-house or you’re hiring a specialist app designer, you need a system to make sure you don’t waste time and money on your new project and you end up with a result you are happy with, that is a benefit to your business.

MVP is the key to success

When it comes to app design, creating an MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is the perfect way to test the waters without throwing too much of your time and money at a project. This gives you the chance to fine tune your app before it’s totally finished. You can improve as you go along.

The MVP concept

The point of an MVP is to create a product with the minimum features it needs to be functional, and therefore testable. By creating an MVP of your app idea, you omit any advanced functions, or those little niceties that are going to make it really special such as killer graphics and great sound effects. It’s all about making your app work correctly and be of use to your customers. The rest will come later when you know exactly what is required. There is no point hiring a graphics artist to create stunning screens for your app, if you’re going to ditch some of those screens or drastically alter them later. All that work will have been in vain, but you’ll still have to pay for it!

Thorough testing of MVP brings huge benefits

An MVP version of your app will be much faster to have developed than a full version. However, it will be enough to get your app out there and get it rigorously tested. By making users aware that this is a prototype product, you can ask for feedback. Well, they will be the people using it, so their feedback will be of massive benefit to you. Have you missed something that they really need? Is your app hard to use or confusing? With an MVP you’ll be able to eliminate these issues and make changes to your new app from the feedback you receive. The result? An app that your users actually need and want, that will be used. All this without having to fully develop your app until you’re sure what the scope of the project is. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your app early will get everyone working in the same direction to make this app a winner.

Bringing it all together for launch

Every great app starts with a good idea. With the help of your app developer, a plan of action and a reasonable time scale to work to, you can take what you’ve learnt from your MVP, make the relevant changes to your app and finally, when you’ve got the functionality spot on, add in those bells and whistles that will make your app a joy to use.

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