In-depth Guide to Use Mobile Applications for Business Growth


Keval Padia

With the onset of a perpetual digital revolution, mobile applications are turning out to be the need of the hour for the growth of businesses across the globe.

To sustain in the global market and ensure exponential growth, every company needs to adapt to the changing trends in the market. Perennial growth of your business is possible only if you switch from the traditional business methods and strategies and upgrade your business model. Developing a mobile application for your business provides a promising solution for ensuring long-lasting success in the market.

An average person spends about 4 hours on their phone every day and over 90% of that time is spent on mobile applications, while, the rest of the time is spent on websites and browsers. This indicates the potential that mobile application development has to help the businesses create a niche for themselves in their respective industry.

There is a huge scope for creating a mobile application for your business as there are about 1.9 billion websites and only about 3.4 million mobile applications. A considerable part of this potential is still unexplored by many businesses.

Read further to understand the relationship between businesses and mobile applications and know how mobile apps can help generate exponential growth for your business.

Business world and mobile applications:

Businesses can provide all their exclusive products and services to the customers at the touch of their fingertips through mobile applications. Businesses can not only increase their revenue but also expand their customer base, brand awareness and the loyalty of their customers with the help of customised mobile applications.

The reach of mobile phones across the globe is higher than any other technology ever developed. Smart-phone applications are skyrocketing the growth potential for businesses, and with its development, a newer and higher number of companies are entering the world of mobile application development. However, no specific formula would work for every business and hence, you need to understand the needs and demands of your target market to frame mobile application that would escalate your business growth by manifolds.

How can you grow your business using mobile applications?

1. Expand the customer base -

Mobile applications have widespread reach across the globe and they provide with a platform to reach millions of potential customers worldwide. You may not realise how influential your business can be in an international market unless you introduce it in the form of a mobile application. Mobile application development can be carried out offshore in any country and you can reap its benefits among the customers worldwide. The increasing number of mobile application users seen in the statistics indicate that by 2021, the number of app users would almost be twice the number today. Mobile applications provide a promising option to expand the reach of your business and multiply its growth through the global market and we help you achieve that conveniently.

2. Create brand awareness -

Mobile applications would promote your brand to the fullest as it would enable your company’s logo to be present on the mobile devices of the application users. These applications help you build your brand identity in the minds of the customers even when they do not use it by merely, being present in their mobiles. Mobile applications have the potential to drive organic traffic back to your website like no other marketing tool. They serve to be a cost-effective tool that creates a strong brand presence for your business. The visibility of your company increases extensively through the use of a mobile application that also provides direct marketing of your products and services to your application users worldwide.

3. Increase customer engagement -

Mobile applications serve to be the best marketing channel through which your business can promote itself for 24 days across all the 365 days of the year. A mobile app with remarkably lucid and smooth user experience would engage your customers with the business more effectively. It helps in leveraging further business opportunities by providing geo-location technologies that detect your location and gives you the required service accordingly.

4. Better employee engagement -

Employees obtain a better understanding of their performance when they would get direct real-time feedback from their customers through your business mobile application. Employees can access the data of the customers whenever and wherever they want. This helps in providing exclusive customer service to the customers with the help of highly integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices.

5. Derive insights on users and forecast their needs -

An array of highly specific sensors and indicators help in deriving accurate information about the usage characteristics of mobile application users. This helps in obtaining consumer purchasing behaviour, GPS based preferences, and other such user-specific You can reap the benefits of the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), the blockchain, big data through including a small miniature of these technologies in your mobile application.

Analysing the behaviour of people over the media helps in identifying their consumer behaviour and tastes. Mobile applications help you obtain real-time feedback and usage data about the users from different countries and this helps in having a thorough understanding of their needs.

How can we help?

We, at Nimblechapps help you unleash the growth potential for your business through tapping the opportunities that mobile applications can offer.

No matter, what the size of your company is, small, medium or large, we can multiply your business and foster its growth with the help of highly effective, customised and optimal mobile applications. Contact us more to develop a mobile app for your business.

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