Why the Mobile Apps are Crucial for the Benefit of Media and Entertainment Industry?


Keval Padia

Media and entertainment are one of the biggest industries in the world. The advent of mobile apps has made it difficult to keep it away from any major industries. Thanks to mobile apps and the internet, the media and entertainment industry is only growing. Major channels, production houses, publishing houses in the media and entertainment industry are going digital and having their own apps. This is because there has been a big shift of audience from TV to the internet. There is still a large amount of the population that watches TV, but with the mobile apps, they can now access the same channels on the internet.

That is a great news for mobile app developers - until a few years ago, mobile apps were not as widely accepted by the media and entertainment industry as it is now. The industry has realized that to be in touch with their audiences and to be on par with them, it is extremely important to offer them their own mobile apps. This is done because a large number of people are on the run and they want something as convenient as a mobile phone which they can carry anywhere and look at. A mobile application gives the audience this kind of freedom.

We are going to discuss some major reasons as to why the media and entertainment industry going mobile is important and how it is going to be affected in the process.

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1. Why Do We Need a Mobile App?

With the advancements in technology and people being constantly busy on their phones, there is a need for something which people can access or look at while on the go. The mobile apps can provide you with information, news, entertainment anytime and anywhere. Having a mobile app for your channel, or production house, or publishing house only makes it easier for your audience to follow you.

2. Know What’s Working

With the usage of mobile apps, people are not restricted to time-slots or geography. It’s not like TV. The industry has become 24x7, thanks to the mobile app. It is a good access point for users but it is also a good way for the publishing or production houses to know what’s working and what’s not working. If a particular concept is not working on TV, the same can be offered over the mobile app and then they can see if the reception and validation of that particular concept have changed or not. This way, it is easier to release content on a medium that is not too large and see if it’s being accepted or not.

3. Access from Anywhere, Anytime

A few years ago, a person sitting in a country in Asia was not able to access particular shows or content on the TV which was produced in some other country or continent. But thanks to mobile apps, a person sitting anywhere in the world can get access to almost all kinds of content, no matter where it is produced or created. A mobile app has made access to content extremely easy.

What Effect will the Mobile Apps have On the Media and Entertainment Industry?

The best thing about this will probably be that you will get all the news, information and content on your phone which you carry with yourself almost all the time. So there’s no way you will be missing out on any important updates.

You will be getting news and information about the world while sitting at your desk. You wouldn’t need to move. You’ll just have to work your fingers. This is going to bring the people all around the world closer. Interaction will increase and with that borders or other barriers can also be ignored.

Entertainment will be available at your fingertips. The latest music, movies, TV shows will all be available anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry about running home and catching it on TV on time. You can watch it later whenever you get free time.

There will be more opportunities for people in the media and entertainment industry. The film industries and television broadcasting agencies put a ban on some content or censors content claiming it to be not suitable for the audience. But there will be no such restrictions on a mobile app. The material on the mobile app is never too much, it is only content driven. This is one of the best parts about accessing content using a mobile app because there is no censorship. Everything is out there in the open.

The Future

Mobile apps have started enjoying the popularity in the media and entertainment industry now. This is only going to increase over the next few years and the media and entertainment industry will be having more and more mobile apps for presenting information and content. Mobile technology is a true boon for the media and entertainment industry.

This is also a great opportunity for mobile app development agencies. Would you like to know more about developing an entertainment mobile app? Contact us.

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