Developing a Health and Fitness App: Features and Costs Involved


Keval Padia

Health and fitness have become buzzwords now. With 2019 starting, people are making resolutions to stay fit and active.

They are all determined to visit the gym from next day or go out for a walk. That tomorrow hardly arrives. The reason cited for this is usually- not finding enough time due to a busy schedule.

This problem is pretty much now, thanks to the mobile app development industry. The health apps have now become our gym instructors. The use of health and fitness apps have increased three times during the last three years. Even the two of the biggest tech giants, Google and Apple, are together in this. Wearables devices have made it possible for these apps to become so important today. There are several types of health and fitness apps. You will learn about them in this article.

1. Activity Tracking App -

These apps help in tracking the physical activities of the individual like walking, jogging, swimming etc. There are motion sensors attached with the smartphone that provide accurate. That is how the distance or the number of steps are calculated. The uses are allowed to set their fitness and activity regime based on the results provided by the data.

2. Apps for Exercise and Workout -

These apps work like a gym instructor. These apps are useful for people who don’t find enough time to visit the gym. Log in to your account and you will find all information for weight training exercises and other workouts. You can get proper instructions on how to do a particular exercise. You can schedule a weight loss program.

3. Diet and Nutrition App -

People often complain about how unhealthy food affects cholesterol and blood sugar. But these apps perform all such activities. They in monitoring the amount of water intake in a day. These type of Diet and Nutrition Apps act as your personal dietician and also develop a strict diet plan.

4. Yoga and Meditation App -

Yoga and meditation are two of the most important. The apps hold demonstrations on how to perform the asanas and meditation.

Features to Include in Health and Fitness App

1. Registration & User Profile -

This is the part where the user creates a profile be entering his personal information like height, weight, height, age, allergies etc.

2. Social Media -

Users must be allowed to log into the app using their social media accounts like Facebook and Gmail. This will help the users in publishing their results after using the app. They can also search for other valuable information.

3. Connecting App with Wearable Devices -

The apps must be connected with other external devices specifically with the wearable devices. This will allow the users to track their activities and exercise routines easily.

4. Keeping a Track Record -

The main function of the app is to assist the user in his daily activities. The app must maintain a record of distance traveled by walking or running and other physical information. The app must also show the amount of calories burnt. The data helps in preparing a meal plan depending on the weight and calorie requirement of the body.

5. Geolocation -

This is one of the most important features of all mobile apps. It helps in monitoring the directions and routes you are followed for walking, cycling or running.

6. The Push Notification Option -

Push notifications can be helpful in setting up reminders and informing the users. It also lets you know about any new addition in the app.

7. Adding the Live Video Tutorials -

Adding live streaming video tutorial option can be a great advantage not just for the users but also for the app and its success.

8. Buying Equipment and Health Drinks -

Users can be offered with the option to buy certain gym equipments or supplementary health drinks. Users will not have to visit a different app for that. This way the user can save some time and you can earn some revenue.

9. The Payment Options -

There are certain services that are chargeable. For such services, it becomes necessary to add this option. The payment option should be made convenient by offer different options.

Time Taken for App Development

The entire time depends on the app development company. The estimate comes around 1200 to 1500 hours, considering all the procedures to develop the fitness app.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Health & Fitness App?

There is no specific amount. The cost varies according to the app development company you hire. The rough estimate comes up to $30,000 to $40,000.

Wrap up:

Developing health and fitness apps can prove to be challenging task. But you must know what you are trying to offer with the app and the right kind of features to include in it, because the features are something that attract the users. We can develop the fitness and health app, you just need to Contact Us at Nimblechapps.

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