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The Top 5 Wearable Devices That Will Transform Healthcare


We have all kinds of different wearables in the market these days. We have wearables that track our steps, heart rates, even our breaths. But there are hardly any wearables out there that can be of actual use to someone and really make a difference. This week, we are presenting you with the top 5 wearables that can actually transform healthcare.


snap40 automatically identifies patients at high risk of acute health deterioration. This helps physicians and nurses can intervene earlier. In doing so, patient mortality and morbidity can be reduced. Also, the staff can be freed up from taking vital sign observations. They can then focus on higher value patient care duties. Through earlier detection of deterioration, evidence shows costs can be reduced through reduction in length of stay and reduction in ICU days. snap40 can afford earlier intervention in the patients own home after they are discharged. These reduces readmissions to the hospital. This device is discreet, with no leads or wires. It allows the patient to roam freely in the hospital. The patient is aware that they are being continuously monitored. If they begin to deteriorate, an alert will be immediately sent.

iRhythm Zio XT:

iRhythm Zio XT

The Zio cardiac monitor is a discreet easy-to-wear patch. It is designed to comfortably fit into a patient’s daily activities. High patient compliance is one reason Zio can continuously capture beat-to-beat cardiac rhythm for up to 14 days. The Zio system is based upon the largest database of its kind in the world. It offers accurate, efficient diagnosis. Zio is the only extended continuous cardiac monitoring system. It is proven in multiple peer-reviewed, published studies. It is said to help identify and rule-out arrhythmias earlier in the diagnostic pathway to accelerate patient care. A patient is free to do his daily activities and still wear the Zio patch. Over 14 days, it will record up to 20,000 minutes of heartbeats for a complete, actionable report.



YONO keeps fertility tracking, natural family planning and hormonal health monitoring simple. With YONO, women have the option of letting technology do the work. YONO is an easy to use and comfortable to wear. It is a silicone-encased earpiece. It can be worn all night. Hundreds of data points are collected during sleep. These are then synced when the earbud is stored in the base station. YONO’s earbud is the only wearable device. It provides continuous body temperature data. YONO fertility APP records input from users. It also interprets BBT charts. The YONO app uses machine learning algorithms to plot a monthly fertility chart for future fertility prediction. YONO plota a monthly fertility chart to predict one’s fertile window. YONO is an alternative to traditional contraceptive methods. It measures core body temperature instead of skin temperature. It can easily be affected by ambient temperature. No data transmission when it is worn every night. The data only syncs when the earbud is stored in the base station.

Dexcom G5:

Dexcom G5-

With Dexcom G5 Mobile, you do not require confirmatory fingersticks, for daily glucose management decisions. After the glucose is measured, the transmitter sends data wirelessly to your compatible smart device or your receiver. It makes use of Bluetooth technology. It is built into the transmitter. Dexcom G5 Mobile allows for complete remote viewing of glucose levels, trends and data from your compatible smart device. Real-time glucose readings appear directly on your Followers smart device. This will allow you to share your glucose levels with your circle of support. It helps you better manage your diabetes and have peace of mind.

Neofect Rapael Smart Glove:

Neofect Rapael Smart Glove

RAPAEL Smart Glove is a high-tech rehab device. The Bending Sensor is a variable resistor that changes as it is bent. The sensor is a 9-axis movement. The position sensor consists of acceleration channels, angular rate channels and magnetic field channels, which are all in a trio. These measure wrist movements. These are linked to a computer system. The system can exactly compute the amount of individual finger movements. RAPAEL Smart Glove is easy and not at all heavy. It can be worn easily. It allows for various joint movements with ease. The elastomer material is easy to clean and maintain.


We have all seen those heart rate monitors and step trackers in the name of fitness wearables. But what we actually need is something like the above mentioned wearables that can bring about a change in the medical field.