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Top 5 VR Headsets Under $150 that are Cool and Stylish too!

Noon VR

Virtual Reality Headsets are in vogue today, owing to the influx of interest in the field and the seeming possibilities that it brings with it. Here are the top five VR headsets under $150 that offer bang for the buck.

1) Noon VR Headsets

Transcend the world around you by entering the VR world with the help of Noon VR that delivers a truly immersive virtual reality experience. It can turn any smartphone with display size of 4.7 inches or larger with VR capabilities. Users can download the app for free and one needs to activate its registration to explore extended functions. One can upload 3D videos which are then automatically corrected of glitches with the Koon VR server, available with the headset. Uploading captured videos to the server can help in correcting them. The VR headset features capabilities similar to Google Cardboard, and can run multiple VR apps through the smartphone. The device is priced at $89.

2) View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

View-Master 2.0

Enter the world of VR with the new View-Master kit which can surround the users with stunning 360-degree environments bringing an immersive video experience like no other! By downloading the best View-Master VR apps, one can just get the smartphone into the viewer, and go into a 360-degree immersive frenzy like never before!

The kit includes a Preview Reel to get the users the useful demo of all available apps which can be used with the kit. The entire kit includes a View-Master VR viewer, a Preview Reel, a handy adapter for iPhones, along with a user guide. The price is incredibly low at $19.34, which is lower than 99% of the VR headsets in the market.

3) Archos VR

Archos VR

For something that is priced at £20, the Archos VR is not exactly the very best but does demand some class. It is a bit of plastic that makes you look odd wearing it like other VR headsets. With a couple of rubber straps for binding it to the head, Archos VR brings some curve to place the nose and thus set it easily to bridge in the eyes. The couple of lenses, for each eye have to be easy on the eyes although they need some adjustment. There is no room for spectacles or glasses though. It is expandable to hold any type of smartphone, with which can be opened in four directions.

4) Merge VR

Merge VR

The Merge VR is a VR headset that can convert your iOS or Android smartphone into a full-bloodied VR gadget with ease. Also it is a comfortable gadget to wear with soft, lightweight foam easing your face in. It includes some innovative dual touch inputs which are all compatible with the number of VR apps available in the market without the need for any controller. With VR experiences clogging the market, Merge VR can be used to meet the gigantic experience level that is set for the pricey Oculus Rift. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and can be used by many people too.
At a price of just $99, this is a very handy VR for those interested in exploring the VR world.

5) Zeiss VR One

Zeiss VR Headset

Zeiss VR One is a terrific VR headset which includes a smartphone tray with an accurate positioning of the smartphone in proximity to the lens. Although it is sold without a smartphone tray, one can place smartphones which feature a display size of 4.7 -5.2 inches. Additionally, they have optical design along with brilliant ZEISS precision lenses that assure the view of an immersive visual experience.

Blessed with accurate tracking sensors, it takes help from smartphone sensors with a transparent front shield enabling cameras to work well with augmented reality apps. It is priced at $149.