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The Top 5 Heart Rate Monitors For iPhone

Wahoo Tickr X

We are constantly on the run, in order to stay ahead of others and also ourselves at times. With everyone becoming a gym and fitness freak these days, the number of fitness trackers have suddenly risen in the market. But almost all fitness trackers offer the same kind of features. There are hardly any fitness trackers that can offer accurate heart rate monitoring. Today we have listed the top 5 heart rate monitors for your iPhone.

Wahoo Tickr X:

The TICKR X is the ultimate heart rate monitor and workout tracker. It can capture both motion and intensity to give you the most effective workout. The TICKR X is the ultimate heart rate monitor and workout tracker, capturing both motion and intensity to give you the most effective workout. Works seamlessly with over 50 apps including Nike+ Running, Runkeeper, Strava, and MapMyFitness. Two LED lights show the TICKR’s device connection (blue) and heart rate detection (red). Simultaneous blue and red double flash indicates when you add a marker during a phone-free workout. There is a special mode for tracking speed and distance data while on the treadmill. The Wahoo Tickr X sells for $80.

Polar H10:


When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. With Polar H10, heart rate monitoring is more accurate than ever. Polar’s free fitness and training app called Polar Beat. Use H10 with the app to get accurate real-time heart rate directly to your phone. Polar H10 works with leading fitness apps, compatible gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices. Polar H10 is fully waterproof. It is capable of presenting heart rate data even in water. Thanks to its 5 kHz transmission. Polar H10 can be used to track your heart rate in the pool. You can also move your heart rate data to the free Polar Beat app afterwards. Polar H10 comes with Polar Pro strap. It is a soft textile strap with improved electrodes. This helps you make sure your heart rate is measured accurately and without interference. The material is comfortable to wear. The silicone dots and the improved buckle hold the strap firmly in place. The Polar H10 is available for $90.

Jabra Sport Plus Special Edition:

Jabra Sport Plus Special Edition
The built-in heart rate monitoring technology measures your heart rate via your inner ear. Jabra Sport Pulse is almost as accurate as the reports you get from the doctors. It will make sure that you are always training at the right intensity level to improve your performance. The new COMPLY foam ear tips give you superior sound quality with passive noise cancellation. It also enhances the bass.You can get the most out of your Sport Plus earbuds with Jabra Sport Life fitness app. It helps you make sure that you are always training in the right heart rate zone. The in-ear coaching gives you real-time feedback to help you optimize each session. The Jabra Sport Plus Special Edition is available for $160.

Moov HR Sweat:

Moov HR Sweat
Moov HR Sweat is the Moov HR powered sweatband made by athletes for athletes. It is sweat-absorbing, breathable, and quick-drying. The Moov app will guide you at the time of workout. This is done on the basis of your movement or heart rate in real time. The app breaks down workouts by device so you can quickly determine the exercises that support the HR Sweat. There are eight workouts options in total. There’s HIIT,, Athletic Conditioning,, Running, Indoor Cycling, Cardio Blast, a HR recording mode and open HR training. All of these workouts need to be downloaded first. Battery life on the HR Sweat comes out to around six hours. There’s a lot to like about the HR Sweat. The Moov HR Sweat sells for $100.



With the MZ-3, you can see your physical activity data on your smartphone. This can be done via bluetooth. The MZ-3 is a versatile device. It allows your new belt to connect with the MYZONE App as well as your other favorite fitness apps. MYZONE allows you to create challenges. Using the challenges, you can compete against your previous personal challenges that were your best. You can even get some friendly competition going between your family and friends. As you progress you can rank up and earn brag-worthy badges, which are perfect for sharing on social media. The MZ-3 can store up to 16 hours of data. You can see your effort live on your smartphone. And also earn points and gain status rankings. It is connect to 3rd party equipment for maximum versatility. You also get trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy. The MYZONE MZ-3 sells for $150.


Above mentioned are the top 5 heart rate monitors that can help you stay ahead in your workout and be healthy always. Choose the one that best suits your needs.