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JOTO: A Robotic Whiteboard For Notes, Messages and Even Art

Joto drawing board

Joto is the first ever connected display on which you can draw using a pen. It is designed in a way that it can be hung on your wall like a picture frame. Joto is not another screen, but it is quite the opposite. Joto turns pictures and words from your screen into pen and ink drawings. As soon as you send something to it, Joto’s pen starts to move. It has an eraser and a dock too, so the pen doesn’t dry out and when you are ready for something new, it refreshes the surface and prepares itself for your next Jot.

Draw Live.

There is something about the way Joto draws live. There’s something that mesmerises, excites and inspires. It seems some things in life are just better off the screen!

Using Joto.

You can use the Joto app on a computer or mobile device and discover, create and share jots with others. These are some ways you can turn images and text into beautiful ink drawings and make the most of Joto.

  1. You can DRAW using your finger, stylus, or tablet.
  2. You can WRITE or type using a keyboard.
  3. You can DISCOVER works of your favourite artist.
  4. You can SHARE your own jots with others.

Things You Can Do With Joto.

Joto accepts requests and sketches everything- right from works of art to love notes, and to-do lists to puzzles. You can hang Joto in the kitchen and it can act like a family to-do-list. Or you can pop it up in a cafe and it can work as an updatable menu. Or you can use it in the workplace and as a nifty noticeboard. Using Joto, you can schedule different content throughout the day to suits your needs as it very easy to update. Jot-to-Jot Messaging is even enabled. It allows you to scribble on your friend’s wall from anywhere in the world. It lets you exchange quick notes, messages, news and tweets, and greetings.

365 Days of Art.

Joto can also work as an art display. Using Jota, the users will be able to doodle on a phone or tablet and have their drawings re-created in actual ink on the Joto. The company is also offering a row for the Joto that will include “365 Days of Art,” promising a new illustration from a variety of artists on your Joto every day for the first year.

Shipping in December.

Joto is available on Kickstarter. You can back it for $199. That will get you the Joto unit. For an extra $100, you can also get the “365 Days of Art.” That will include the daily curated illustrations for a year. This is not cheap when compared to the cost of either a more traditional digital screen or an analog whiteboard, but it is definitely worth the price if you like the idea. Early-bird units of Joto are expected to ship in December later this year. It’s worth mentioning that Those is a new company that hasn’t shipped a commercial hardware product of this scale before.