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August Smart Lock: Your Smartphone Will Be Your Key Now

The smart locks market is still in its early stages. Because your smart locks are securing your front door, you want something durable and reliable. This will actually make your life easier. But it hasn’t always turned out to be great. Some locks are hard to install. While the other models mights have confusing apps or a not-so-good performance. The next-gen August Smart Lock is far away from all that nonsense. It looks good and is reliable. The app is easy to use and this version works with Nest, Logitech Harmony, Comcast’s Xfinity Home and Siri.

Easy To Use.

The app gives you the ability to give virtual keys to whomever you need to. The process is as easy as sending a text. You can control guest entry with a one-time code or even set up scheduled access. There is still some room to grow and a few kinks to be worked out. But August is a solid option for you if you are trying digitally secure your door.

Good Design.

The August Smart lock comes with a new easy-grip pattern. Its rounded edges improve the ergonomics of manually locking and unlocking the Smart Lock. The team also added magnets and a tweaked design to better secure the faceplate. This hides the four included AA batteries. Battery life will vary a lot depending on usage. But August says it should last about 6 to 9 months.

Steps For Installation.

1. Make sure your deadbolt is compatible. Check the compatibility chart. This will help you make sure your hardware will play well with August.

2. Remove the thumb-latch on your old lock. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on your existing thumb-latch. Remove the thumb-latch.

3. Attach the August mounting plate to your deadbolt. Line up the mounting plate August provides with the tail piece of your deadbolt. Use the screws from your old lock to secure the mounting plate to the door.

4. Attach the adapter and lift the wing latches. Choose a compatible for the tail piece. Attach it to the back of the lock. Then lift up the wing latches on the lock. August provides three adapters. You can find out which adapter is best suits your lock using August’s detailed installation guide.

5. Connect the lock to the mounting plate and flip down the wing latches. After connecting the lock over the mounting plate, close the wing latches to secure it in place.


August is compatible with seven smart home platforms. These platforms are Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Apple HomeKit, Xfinity, Wink and Logitech Harmony. You can add an August Doorbell Cam to your smart door to see who is at the door. August also offers August Access. Along with that there is a network of trusted delivery companies and repair services. August sends a guest key for your home to that service, if you schedule an appointment in the app.

A Must-Have, Even If You Don’t Use An iPhone.

The $229 second-generation August Smart Lock does everything a little bit better. It has improved design and simple setup. It has an easy to understand software interface and great performance. It integrates with Siri via Apple’s HomeKit software. But the lock isn’t compatible with every deadbolt, HomeKit can be challenging to get up and running. The Siri integration won’t matter to August’s non-Apple users. August’s HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock 2.0 improves on an already awesome product.