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Control Your TV With Simple Finger Gestures With Singlecue


Technological advances have been happening at lightning fast speed. Smartphones and smart wearables have completely transformed our lives, and continue to innovate with each passing day. Robotics and motion sensors are the newest modernizations on the block, enabling people to carry out daily tasks with ease.

Introducing Singlecue

It is a motion sensing device that gives people the freedom to control a variety of home entertainment and connected devices with simple finger gestures. Developed by the innovative start-up company eyesight Technologies that focuses on bringing exciting touch-free interactions to digital devices, Singlecue is a gesture controlled gadget that enables you to flip and surf channels by wiggling your index finger. Users can have magic at their fingertips and say goodbye to wired clutter and lost remotes.

How it Works

  • It can be connected to a gamut of cable and satellite set topset-topas well as media streamers like the Apple TV.
  • Users can start by plugging Singlecue to the power supply, downloading the Singlecue app, adding the connected devices on their smartphone and lettingSinglecue connect and control those devices through motion sensing.
  • By mounting it to the top or bottom of the TV, users can get their Singlecue into action
  • Singlecue incorporates an inbuilt camera, which then detects when the user moves his finger to control the TV.
  • Users can make simple gestures with their index finger, like left, right, up and down to scroll through a menu and perform a variety of tasks.
  • In order to flip channels, users can move their index finger rapidly in order to quickly change channels.
  • Users can also use finger gestures to turn on or turn off their TVs, change the volume and flip through their Netflix collection.
  • One of the most impressive features of Singlecue is the muting feature. In order to mute their TV, users simply have to place their index finger on their lips and make a “sshhh” gesture.
  • Also, as soon as the person controlling the TV puts his finger down and another person in the room moves his finger up, Singlecue starts taking cues from the 2nd user.
  • Singlecue also has the ability to connect to Philips smart lightbulbs and gives users the freedom to control the brightness in the room.
  • Users can also control thermostats and other connected devices in their homes.

Elevated Security

The makers of Singlecue have put in a lot of effort to ensure the product abides by strict privacy and security laws. Even though Singlecue possesses a camera, the camera in no way captures images of the person using the device. It only searches for the shape of a finger and takes in input as and when the user makes gestures with his finger.


It is priced at an MRP of $200. Users can purchase Singlecue through Amazon and other major ecommerce sites.

Our Verdict

The future of the world belongs to connected technology and Internet of Things. With more and more connected devices being launched every day, the need to have simple controlling mechanisms in order to operate and control the gamut of appliances in our homes is imperative. Singlecue enables users to use simple gestures of their fingers to control the devices around them. With Singlecue, you can now dim the lights, warm up the room and enjoy a movie on Netflix, without getting off the couch.