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DAQRI – The Augmented Reality Headset that Changes the Way it Works!

DAQRI Smart Helmet

Augmented reality is going great guns with several companies on board inventing several gadgets to enhance the experience further than the others. The market is flooding with augmented reality headsets that are creating immersive visuals and content to support the gadget. Though the market is far from steady at the moment in terms of commercial considerations, DAQRI has brought in a headset that will surely revolutionize the AR world in more ways than one.

One can find multiple products in the market with fancy virtual reality features. Most of the technology is biding its time to hit the mainstream since the market is striving to come in terms with the arrival of AR and VR gadgets and its relevance with the needs of the people. With the Oculus and other gadgets making the run, the augmented reality gadgets are major bets that are led by the stalwarts of the industry.

How Does DAQRI make an impression?

DAQRI Helmet

DAQRI works like Google Glass without complicating the average consumer with technical jargon and multiple features that will mostly be unused. Although the titans are making their own versions of the AR technology for the consumers, varied startups like DAQRI are making good inroads in the domain.

DAQRI is one terrific augmented reality (AR) company situated in LA which has conceptualized and developed an effective AR headset with its support software. Technicians wearing the DAQRI AR headset can see information and instructions about the every view, relaying the same to a support team who are connected remotely.

The DAQRI application that works great!

The application is in lines with what Google set out to do with Glass, with innovative features like specific directions through the mapping service and even live streaming of the drive on social channels. Luckily for DAQRI, workers are not concerned with privacy and fashionable trends and hence would not care if the visor will be looking pretty normal although its usage in public places might make other people uncomfortable.

The Company Vision and the first foray of AR in the enterprise

DAQRI worked on the technology for industrial uses before making it available to the market. The company hoped to make a sales pitch about hard data and increased productivity for a big and broad segment of customers. DAQRI has not yet been able to crack a consistently profitable business but is strong enough to collect valuable real-world experience for delivering better technology.

The Marvellous Features Defining AR in DAQRI


  • With the world’s first Human Machine Interface, DAQRI smart helmet brings experience to the fore based on its incredible potential.
  • It can connect workers to their environment with relevant information that is related to the industry.
  • With industrial wearables, DAQRI has managed to unlock the true potential of AR and 4D technology for the enterprise world.
  • It features a world-class sensor package that delivers good user experience, driven by native augmented reality software that delivers incredible information of the world around them.
  • With preciseness in display and tracking, the DAQRI Smart Helment is perfect for industrial environments
  • The helmet is in use with several Fortune 100 companies within the industrial sector.
  • Designers and engineers can build several personalized packages with DAQRI 4D Studio for use in the smart helmet

With packages designed in DAQRI 4D Studio, the smart helmet leverages knowledge to every employee and boosts productivity like no other. One can source data from systems and ingest the same into DAQRI 4D Studio for the right visualization. The acquired information will be in use for present and future generations on multiple sites too.