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The Rise and Rise of Nimblechapps Ltd

The Rise and Rise of Nimblechapps Ltd.

It seems like yesterday when we think about the time we started Nimblechapps Ltd. and in a flash we are 100 days old and this has more to do with the support and extreme hard work of our people along with each and every individual who follows us on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms. More than a planned startup, I would consider Nimblechapps as the need of the hour when things didn’t plan out as expected for Keval and Rajiv who previously headed the Web and Mobile department for around two years at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and played an instrumental role in the company’s success. But, it was not meant to be and things didn’t work out as planned and hence, Nimblechapps Ltd. was born.

Inception of Nimblechapps

Nimblechapps was officially launched on December 1, 2014 with just 2 employees to begin with Nisarg Shah who handles the Sales and Dhruvil Pandya who handles branding and marketing and if you think that Nimblechapps was the first name that was in our minds, then you are wrong. Initially, I had the idea of “Touch Monks”. Touch since we are into mobile app development and Monks because we at Nimblechapps believe that you should be calm like a Monk to get more work done, though we didn’t stick to the name but we did stick to the idea which has been the core strength of why we could achieve more than what we expected in these 100 days.

Finally, Rajiv insisted we go with Nimblechapps as this was more suited to our team and we all agreed instantly. Couldn’t have asked for more, eh? The branding and logo along with the website followed later and we have got rave reviews from both clients and friends alike regarding our brand and it is always fulfilling to see random people appreciate you on social media platforms for the work we do. Funny, what a few guys with computer skills can achieve.

Speed Breakers for Nimblechapps

When we speak about the roadblocks or speed breakers for Nimblechapps, the list is endless and it will just pile up as I write this but that is the best part about a startup. There were many like developers backing out at the last moment after agreeing to be a part of Nimblechapps, clients who  became friends did not show the initial trust which they said they will, constant criticism and nagging from competitors, difficulty in convincing people to join a startup.

Convincing a friend about your dream and aspirations is easy, but it is difficult to explain the same things to employees, but this is where our employees took to us instantly and within a three months now we are a team of 15 Nimbles. It is fun to work when the odds are against you and you can achieve great heights when you overcome these minor obstacles and we are happy to do that on a day-to-day basis and so do our employees who are just mastering this art.

What did we do at Nimblechapps?

The funny thing is that when we post infographics about our free culture at the office, yes we do have a free culture and people are always eager to know how it works for us. You are allowed to come and leave at your time and we are more into a task based monitoring system rather than time based. It helps in easing the nerves and at the same time when there is no one to nag you every minute, you are responsible for the work you do, or that you don’t. This has helped our team and it just shows in how happy they seem to be every morning when they arrive at the office.

We have worked on 21 projects till now, seems a lot for a small team right? Well, that’s what a happy, motivated team can do for you and just imagine how good our sales is when a single guy is bringing ample work for 14-15 people. You don’t see this kind of insane output in any regular company and that is what makes us believe that we are onto something big.

If I say that we take each day at a time and don’t think much about the future, I would be kidding because we think far into the future, like we have plans to successfully bag projects for the next six months with a steady recruitment of 4-5 Nimbles every month. Based on the past three months data we will plan the strategy for marketing and branding for the next six months. If it takes a lot to be the best in business, we are ready to deliver that. Our next target is to expand Nimblechapps Ltd. to 50-60 Nimbles in a year. Together we can and will make a difference.