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WordPress 5.0: Updates and What to Expect

New versions of WordPress brings new features along with it and exciting to see those features and put them to use. The WordPress 5.0 has come with the new block-based editor which is also known as Gutenberg.

This new update is definitely going to bring absolute changes to the default way of how people used to create content using WordPress. This update easier for WordPress developers to extend the editor with new features and capabilities. Like any other platform, WordPress also had to get used to the changing times and or eventually risk losing its market share. The redesign and re-imagination of the WordPress editor is called Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a solid jump by WordPress, but it is not the only update that’s coming up.

Today we are going to look at some points that will tell you why WordPress 5.0 is unique compared to its previous versions. This new update is important for bringing about a change in the WordPress development services. We will also talk about what we can expect from WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.

A Major Leap

If you are used to working on WordPress, you will realize how much WordPress has changed over time. Even smaller updates can come together and eventually create significant shifts. For instance, users were able to schedule design changes in the WordPress Customizer using the 4.9 Tipton update. This allows you to go live at later dates, similar to post drafts.

On the other hand, there were several widget updates with WordPress 4.8. In order to add images in the widgets, it had to be done manually. But now WordPress offers us three dedicated media widgets for video, audio, and image files. 4.8 also allowed you to check on any nearby WordPress events using your dashboard. This is really useful at the time of networking. WordPress has made small shifts with these minor changes, so they are not exactly progressive. But with WordPress 5.0, there was a major leap.

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Expectations from WordPress 5.0

The biggest update on WordPress 5.0 is definitely the block-based editor. But there are also changes to how WordPress handles releases. WordPress had a scheduled release model, which it is slowly moving away from. Here are a few significant changes that are brought in with WordPress 5.0.

source: flothemes

  1. WordPress already has a major market share. But with the improvement in the site-building functionality, WordPress will hold the market share in competition with the hosted website builders. This way WordPress wants to offer a more intuitive site-building experience.
  1. The WordPress Rest APIs are helpful to developers in the way that they allow them to create products that are rich in features. It also makes it much easier to send and pull any data from the website. This will eventually lead to the ease of creating applications while actually using WordPress as a framework.
  1. In order to put together a WordPress theme, you had to have a simple development background. But thanks to Gutenberg, theme creation will become extremely easy.
  1. There are several page-builder tools that can be used with WordPress. Those can’t really be compared with Gutenberg, but people might deter from using them later on.

What will be the effect of Gutenberg?

Gutenberg will completely change the whole editing experience for you. In case, you don’t want to use the Gutenberg editor, you can choose to stick to the classic editor that was available. There are several add-on plugins that work with Gutenberg, it also includes additional content blogs.

Apart from enhancing the whole editing experience for you, Gutenberg will bring significant changes to the themes and plugins on WordPress. The new themes that will come up will be more Gutenberg-friendly. Changes will also be added to the plugins. Plugins easily interact directly with the editor. Those plugins will be made compatible to work with Gutenberg.


In order to make the most out of the new updates of WordPress 5.0, first, learn all the basics of the new block-based content editor. This is because it is the biggest development on WordPress 5.0. The WordPress 5.0 version can be a breakthrough update from WordPress, it has the capability. We as users will need to be a bit more patient and learn as much as we can from the new updates so we can make the most of it. If you have any queries regarding this update, you can contact agencies that work on WordPress development services. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!