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Skype for Business : Because conventional Skype is too mainstream

Skype for Business

I am sure you would agree with me that Skype is an integral part of many industries and you can’t imagine certain core businesses to run as smooth as they are, without proper communication and that too by Skype. Microsoft’s mission is to reinvent productivity and help users make the most of every minute they spend on Technology. And connecting people means all kinds of experiences and human expressions like verbal, written or visual expressions to make your point.

Today, businesses need communications tools that help them express themselves in a natural and more human way possible and it works well from any location or device.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype is bringing everything together for their new venture Skype for Business by which Microsoft believes that Skype is the future and it will be present everywhere and you are going to definitely need it, so why not be prepared for that in advance. Microsoft announced in November that the next version of Lync would be Skype, as both these trusted platforms in business are merging for the greater good of business and Lync would soon become Skype for Business.

Last week, Microsoft gave their clients a technical preview of Skype for Business where they were given the opportunity to use Skype for Business and start preparing for their deployment and this new service would be coming to Office 365 from April.

Good news for IT businesses

Microsoft believes that Skype for Business would be a fresh change in business and something that the IT people would love to be associated with. Microsoft wants to start this new journey with Skype for Business, which brings together the much appreciated Skype interface with the security and controlling features of Lync, this is a dream come true for communications. Who doesn’t like to use Skype for business or any communication? It’s intuitive from the beginning and Skype for Business would enhance that experience and is supposed to change the way people actually work. It is even part of the Office 365, so the features like presence, IM, voice and video calls and online meetings would be integrated with the Skype for Business.

Why Skype for Business?

It will combine innovation from client to cloud, while also connecting businesses to the world’s largest video network. It will bring in the culture of modern meetings. Microsoft is planning to launch a whole new range of meeting devices designed and integrated for Skype for Business. They have even announced a relationship with Polycom through which Polycom will deliver a new series called Polycom RoundTable, Built for Business.

The overall impact of these products will definitely fall on the overall business of companies and it will be a big hit among businesses of all sizes because for somethings are global and that is what would be the USP of Skype.