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HP Pavilion X2 Hybrid – Amazing Features and Incredibly Affordable!

HP Pavilion x2 Hybrid

Budget buyers, here is a laptop which you might just want to consider purchasing. HP just announced the Pavilion X2 Hybrid laptop which is reasonably priced and yet has something a bit more premium. It features a 10-inch detachable screen and an Atom Bay Trail processor as well as a new magnetic latch which speedily connects the X2’s screen and keyboard. The 135-degree rotational hinge allows users to switch between the tent mode and the stand mode.

Lightweight but sturdy

The screen of the Pavilion X2 Hybrid weighs just about 1.29 pounds, making it one of the lightest laptops available in the market. Adding the weight of the keyboard, the total weight comes to about 2.48 pounds, which still makes this model lighter than the previous 2014 Pavilion.

You’ve not seen a laptop more plastic before. In fact, it’s amazing as to how a laptop which doesn’t have a single bit of metal, can be so sturdy. Even if you held up the Pavilion X2 Hybrid machine by its screen, with its keyboard dangling, you won’t need to worry about it falling off. Thanks to the powerful set of magnets inside the half cylindrical hinge, the tablet portion just needs a strong tug to pull the screen off. Moreover, these magnets not only help to prop the keyboard up onto a small incline when the laptop is open but also helps to guide the display back in its place.

Orientation Changer

Since it is made up of solid plastic rather than a flimsy keyboard cover, you can actually make the Pavilion X2 Hybrid stand up on its side. The various modes you could use the device in are pretty interesting. You can either make the laptop sit on its side like a book or make it rest on its top and bottom edges in a tent mode.

Little Somethings

Even though the Pavilion X2 Hybrid is a small unit, it comes with some very powerful speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen, which could very well project a rock song across a few feet without sounding tiny at all.

Unfortunately, what is less impressive about the Pavilion X2 Hybrid is the screen which has a resolution of only 1,280 x 800. Therefore, HD streams and other high-resolution content may just look a bit fuzzy on this display. But again, for only $299, it seems just worth it. In fact, the panel HP picked for the Pavilion X2 actually does not look half as bad with good color and wide viewing angles.

Even as small as it is, the keyboard is also pretty decent and HP made sure the keys would have at least 1.3mm of travel. Similarly, the trackpad uses up every bit of the remaining space left below the keyboard with a good enough pointing device.

Another sad thing about the Pavilion X2 is the memory. It is stuck in 2GB land and the only way to out of it is to crack open the machine for DIY upgrade. You will still have the option however, to upgrade the storage to 64GB.

Just to bring a smile on your faces, never forget the price and also, know that users will receive an included one-year Microsoft Office 365 subscription, plus 60 minutes of Skype calling and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

Early Verdict for Pavilion X2 Hybrid

It’s a known fact that HP always breaks ground in the affordable Windows laptop segment and Pavilion X2 seems to be the convertible follow up to the $300 Stream. Considering all the specifications this machine boasts of, it is pretty good for the amount of money it costs.