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Microsoft Surface Resurfacing Again with the Surface Hub with a Gigantic Tablet and Pen Display!

Surface Hub

Microsoft’s Surface Hub is expected to relaunch tablet computers in a big way and even though it is not meant to be a consumer device, it will surely make waves at the enterprise market. The 84-inch diagonal screen is priced at a whopping $20,000!

But Microsoft insists that anyone who buys a Surface Hub is in for a terrific value on their investment since it replaces a number of disparate tools and technologies, including the conferencing system, display system, projector, and receivers among other things at an upfront cost. The hub is expected to make inroads in 24 different markets.

With regards to group productivity, Microsoft Surface is ushering in a new way of working with business customers and vendors efficiently and systematically.

Delineating Surface Hub

Surface Hub is the result of effort put in by several teams in Microsoft to design a new kind of productivity experience focused on improving productivity with a device truly optimized for a group of people to work collaboratively. Surface Hub aspires to be the device which can help a group of people to work together irrespective of distance, in an efficient and cost-efficient manner.

The company has surely made the experience easier and the hardware innovation is going to be launched with Windows 10. Microsoft will leverage Skype for Business, the new Office, OneNote, and the like to work with the Surface Hub without any hassles.

The anticipation to make meetings and brainstorms more productive in enterprises had reached a crescendo recently since many companies now believe in being in touch on a collaborative platform in many of their tasks. The new possibilities brought up by Surface Hub have excited the developers and the new innovation is expected to be disruptive in the market too.

Delivering Strong Value

Surface Hub was created to form a hub for people to gather physically or virtually and share ideas and make decisions. The price reflects that ambition.

As a complete, all-in-one solution, Surface Hub delivers incredible value. In an average conference room, Surface Hub replaces a number of disparate tools and technologies, including the audio-video conferencing system, display, projector, wireless receiver, and the analog or digital whiteboard at a lower upfront cost. Rather than having to manage different components on a separate level, the Windows 10 device Surface Hub will be much easier to manage since it delivers the power and versatility of a connected device without compromising on the familiarity of Microsoft offerings.

Addressing the Changing Scenario in Conference Rooms

Surface Hub delivers immediate value in allaying pain points, by connecting to industry-specific apps with a remote meeting and collaboration solution to connect to a mobile and dispersed workforce. One can gain insights and reach decisions quickly since the problems can be identified easily and solutions can be devised collaboratively thus improving meetings and business workflows.

Global Availability

Since the product is all set to work in 24 different markets across the world, it is supposed to naturally integrate into existing conference rooms and IT environments.   The associated products begin shipping worldwide in September, primarily in US, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, UAE, UK and many other countries.

Surface Hub is expected to work as a transformative tool for group productivity and developers are soon going to unleash their own creativity and innovation to propel the product to greater heights.


Surface Hub is available in 55-inch version for huddle spaces and priced at $6,999, while the 84-inch version meant for large meeting rooms is priced at $19,999.