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Edge – Microsoft’s New Cutting Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser

Web browsers are essential for retrieving and presenting information on the World Wide Web. While Internet Explorer has enjoyed popularity and dominance for a large number of years, the introduction of a plethora of browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera offers users a seamless and feature-rich browsing experience, making the web browsing space very competitive.

The Need for a New Browser

For more than 2 decades, Internet Explorer has been the browser of preference for millions worldwide. As new and innovative browsers have taken over, users have started to find Internet Explorer’s performance slow and ordinary. It also started scoring less on parameters like security and user experience. In order to regain its power in the browser space, Microsoft has launched the Edge Browser with Windows 10. Instead of revamping Internet Explorer and giving it a facelift, Microsoft has built a completely new browser by scratch that offers a modern and innovative web browsing experience.

Hit Features

Microsoft Edge is developed keeping in mind the enriching browsing experience that every other browser is now offering. In order to get back users’ trust, Microsoft has done away with the cluttered UI and the innumerable annoying task bars, making the browsing experience simple and stimulating. While a majority of websites faced compatibility issues when opened through Internet Explorer, Microsoft has made sure the Edge Browser seamlessly supports websites that have been designed for Firefox and Chrome. It is specifically designed for interoperability with the modern web. With high focus on responsiveness and user-friendliness, the Edge Browser is truly refreshing.

  • Simple interface, smooth scrolling and quick loading of pages.
  • A new improved home screen with a combined search and address bar.
  • Customization and personalization of home page feeds based on user preferences.
  • Users can directly search for content on the address bar and get search suggestions, results and browsing history instantly.
  • Intuitive navigation allows users to add favourites, open new tabs, surf privately, set up their own homepage and insert bookmarks.
  • Integration with Windows 10’s virtual assistant Cortana that takes inputs from users through voice.
  • The reading list feature gives users the freedom to save articles and webpages for later reading.
  • The reading mode feature removes unnecessary formatting and improves readability.
  • The note-taking mode enables users to take annotations on the web page itself; highlight portions, make notes and do almost anything using the web as a canvas board.
  • Easy saving and sharing of images or content on to OneDrive or other apps.
  • The native sharing features allows quick and easy sharing of links on social networking sites.

Scope for Improvement

While the Edge Browser offers an enriching user experience, it lacks some ground-breaking features that browsers like Chrome and Firefox offer.

  • It offers mediocre compatibility with Google Apps.
  • It does not work on lower versions of Windows.
  • It does not support plug-ins or extensions.
  • Until the launch of Windows 10 phones, users will not be able to sync their browsing history or favourite sites to their smartphones.

Edge Browser Comes Default with Windows 10

While Windows 10 does have Internet Explorer running in the backend for compatibility and legacy application purposes, the Edge is the default browser with Windows 10. Edge Browser will be available across the entire Microsoft product portfolio, from PCs and smartphones, to laptops, notebooks and tablets.

The Bottom Line

Although there is scope for improvement, Microsoft’s new Edge Browser is loaded with a gamut of incredible features intended to make the user experience enriching. The personal assistant feature along with faster page loading and customizable feeds are sure to provide a dynamic and enjoyable browser experience.