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Now Send Emails just as instantly as IM with Microsoft’s New Chat App Send

Microsoft Chat App Send

With the advent of the Internet and lightning fast 3G and 4G connections, communication through smartphones has not only become quick, but also convenient. While email communication is preferred by millions worldwide, instant messaging apps dominate the segment due to their usefulness and user-friendliness. Now imagine if sending emails was just as easy as sending a message on WhatsApp! With Microsoft’s new chat app “Send”, that is now possible.

Compose & Send Emails Instantly

Microsoft’s new chat app Send is aimed at reducing the time taken to check and respond to emails using smartphones. Microsoft Chat makes emails perform like instant messaging, thereby eliminating the need for formal email components like subject line and signature. With Microsoft Chat, people can now compose and send short emails within a few seconds.

What makes Microsoft Chat Different?

With the success of instant messaging, a vast majority of smartphone users are doing away with email communications. Conveying their message through the simple click of a messaging app is far more appealing for most users. However, Microsoft believes that there is a massive need for short messaging within email that needs to be quickly sent to a colleague or acquaintance.

While instant messaging apps are gaining immense popularity, they tend to be more personal and are used for communication with friends and relatives. On a lot of occasions, employees do not have the personal cell numbers of their colleagues, thus restricting them from sending instant messages. Microsoft Chat is aimed for short message communication for business purposes, allowing employees to reach all their co-workers with the simple touch of a button.

Instant Messaging-like Features

Microsoft Chat has currently been launched for iOS and can only be used by people who have O365 business and school email accounts.

  • By connecting to a user’s O365 account, Microsoft Chat has the ability to pull recent and frequent contacts and display names, contact photos and time stamps on the home screen
  • By tapping on these contacts, users can compose and send short emails
  • Users also have the option of choosing a quick reply using a tab on the app
  • The quick reply feature makes Microsoft Chat a much sought after app, enabling users to instantly communicate with their peers.
  • The user-friendly interface makes sending emails as easy as instant messaging
  • It incorporates a typing indicator that shows when the contact is responding
  • Additionally, Microsoft Chat reflects only those emails that have been opened or responded to through the app, and not all emails in your mailbox making it one of the most useful features.

Launching Soon Across Operating Systems

Microsoft Chat was launched on 22nd July 2015 for iOS users with Office365 accounts. Users can download the app for free from Apple iTunes. The app requires iOS 8.0 and works well for iPhones 5 and above as well as on iPads and the iPod touch. Microsoft is planning to make the app broadly available for iPhone users and is soon going to be launched for Windows and Android phones.


By launching a new chat app Send, Microsoft aims to simplify email conversations and make them appear and function like instant messaging threads. In a cluttered messaging space, Microsoft Chat aims to create a niche for itself by offering instant messaging like email for business users and eliminates the need for formal email constructs.