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Microsoft Build 2015: What To Expect From Developers Conference

Microsoft Build 2015

Microsoft has risen from technological adversity tremendously in the last year with the success of Windows 10 experience and looks like all the hard work has finally paid off for Microsoft. Microsoft is gearing up with the release of Windows 10 along with other features for their upcoming yearly event Build 2015 and we bring you a detailed report of what is to be expected from Microsoft’s Build 2015. Technologists have been saying over a few weeks that this might be Microsoft’s last chance to stay put, let us see what might be in store for us at the Build 2015 conference.


Now as we move towards the middle part of 2015, we need to think about Microsoft like we used to in the past. What I am trying to say is, the users have a question in their mind that what is something that only Microsoft can do, something that is untouched by Google and Apple? Cloud is the answer from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft wants to have a digital experience that follows a user from one device to another.

The problem here is that Microsoft has always kind of struggled with the user experience and the users are skeptical with Windows 10 for the very reason. Microsoft was well known for Enterprise software, unlike Apple and Google and that has helped Microsoft in the long run.


Microsoft is still paying the penalty of not taking Windows for mobile seriously when iOS and Android were making their mark and now it is too late to make a difference but still Microsoft is trying hard. Being rigid helps none when it comes to providing world class products to millions of users. Microsoft would want to reach out to developers to build applications for Windows Phone. They should try and work smartly like Blackberry and Amazon, they should provide support for Android developers to port their apps on Windows directly. The apps would certainly lack certain elements, but the presence would definitely make a difference.

Microsoft knows that some developers won’t budge and they will have to convince them otherwise. The company would be spending time talking about bringing tools like Cortana, OneDrive and Azure to iOS and Android developers.

With the HoloLens, Microsoft made a huge leap in virtual reality when companies like Google and Facebook were still skeptical about it. Yes, the HoloLens will be featured at the Build 2015, the much improved version. The HoloLens is going to play a major role in the event and Microsoft would be answering the developers as to how they can get their apps on the HoloLens and what is the future of such apps and devices.

Microsoft will definitely have something for gamers too as the coveted Xbox is coming under the Windows 10 family. Microsoft is expected to hit the right chord and it is high time that Microsoft turns out victorious and give their fans something to cheer.