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Enjoy Amazing Features of both a Desktop and a Tabletop with Lenovo Yoga Home 900

Yoga Home 900

Technological innovations are happening at lightning fast speed. Smartphones and tablets are inundating the market across the world, providing users with a gamut of products to choose from. Keeping pace in this dynamic market is Lenovo has launched the Lenovo Yoga Home 900 – a convertible desktop cum tabletop computer.

Yoga Home 900 – A Tabletop Computer

By pushing the top of the display, Yoga Home folds on its hinged stand. The convertible design of Yoga Home enables users to place it in the living room in the upright position for watching movies and playing games and also lay it flat and use as a tabletop for board games, work and other related activities.

Multiple OS

While in the flat position, Yoga Home 900 automatically launches its tabletop OS called Aura. Aura offers a touch-friendly access to photos and videos from a top-down point of view. While in the upright position, Yoga Home works on Windows 10 giving users access to a world of Windows apps. Users can play interactive games without having to leave the interface.

Lenovo Yoga Home 900

Innovative Design

  • Yoga Home 900 is a 27 inch full HD touchscreen laptop
  • It provides stunning resolution at 1920×1080
  • Yoga Home is incredibly thin and measures just 0.76 inches in thickness making it the world’s thinnest Intel Core i convertible
  • Being around 7.6 Kg in weight, Yoga Home is light enough to transport from one room to another
  • The triangular hinge enables users to rest the Yoga Home in the traditional PC monitor position
  • By pressing a button, users can drag Yoga Home from a lay-flat position to an upright position

Stunning Specs

  • Yoga home possesses a 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 Skylake processor
  • The NVDIA GeForce 940A graphics card makes playing games a thrilling experience
  • It incorporates 8GB of RAM and an enormous 1TB of data, enabling users to store a massive number of movies, songs, games and videos
  • Yoga Home 900 contains 2 USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, a headphone jack and an SD card reader
  • It offers 3 hour battery life so users can easily unplug the device and move around the house
  • The in-built Aura software takes entertainment to a completely different level
  • The 10 point touch screen provides a great gaming experience with family and friends
  • Yoga Home also features a built-in microphone and webcam
  • Users can access and command the voice assistant Cortana and enjoy a plethora of features


Yoga Home is currently up for sale; users can receive delivery in 10-12 business days. Priced starting at $1,199 Yoga Home is available on Lenovo’s website and Best Buy stores.

Our Verdict

Yoga Home offers high performance with amazing storage capacity that makes the entire laptop experience very gratifying, for both home and office use. This convertible desktop can be set up at a desk, laid on the floor and even placed in the garden offering extreme versatility and portability. The delightful touch-screen interface is perfect for multi-tasking. Choose from orange, champagne and silver colour options and enjoy the best of features of both a desktop and a tabletop computer.