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Everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 10 event

Just like Apple, 2014 was an equally eventful year for Microsoft as well. Announcement of Windows 10, anticipation of a fast and light Web Browser Spartan, know more about Spartan. Microsoft also ventured into fitness tracking devices, the launch of Cortana for web and removing the brand name Nokia from their Windows phone. Microsoft launched Windows 10 and a list of other list of other exciting announcements on 21st January. We have assembled the list for you to go through the best from the event and what to expect from Microsoft in 2015.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the launch of Windows 10 event that “We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows.” Nine out of ten people who attended the live event would agree that Windows 10 was overshadowed by the Virtual Reality headset Hololens but it is hardly the truth because Hololens is a Windows 10 device itself. There weren’t major changes pertaining to PC, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 for mobile too. The best feature of Windows 10, as per tech enthusiasts and developers is Cortana, Microsoft’s competitor to Apple’s Siri.


Cortana is Microsoft’s reply to Apple’s Siri and we believe it is the highlight of Windows 10. It is Microsoft’s virtual assistant basically for smartphones especially those running on Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and higher. It can be best described as a kind of combination of Siri and Google Now.  What she can do well is, perform task based functions, show you the daily schedule that you follow, perfect for setting alarms and reminders for tasks. It makes use of Bing to provide search functionalities. More than 90% of Windows phone customers can access Cortana at the moment. Interestingly, Cortana gets its name from a fictional AI character in Microsoft’s most popular game Halo series.

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft surprised the audiences for good at the Windows 10 event when they announced venturing into Virtual Reality with Hololens and the it drew comparisons straightaway with Google Glass, but let me assure you it is better than it’s counterpart from Google. While Google Glass was supposed to be worn for the entire time, Hololens is supposed to be worn only at times when you need to upgrade the visual effects to another level. By making it evident that Hololens is something not to be worn for longer durations, it actually makes it easy for Hololens to penetrate into our lives such that, we would want the Hololens experience to be everywhere.

Build 2015

Microsoft announced an event for developers at the Windows 10 event named “Build 2015” where Microsoft will even discuss the launch of Office 2016 and they are planning to launch Office 2016 by the end of 2015.

So, these were the announcements from Microsoft at the Windows 10 event. If you would like to discuss more on the events, you can mention your experience or questions in the comments below.