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Dell Latitude 7275 – The Hybrid Laptop Goes Mainstream!

Dell Latitude 7275

2015 was the year of several hybrid laptops, but 2016 is expected to push them mainstream. With the Surface Pro 4 and Google Pixel C, along with other hybrids ruling the market, there’s a slew of tablets that can fit into a keyboard.

With gorgeous devices hitting the market, even the business world is trying to get their hands on the lightweight, attractive, and incredibly thin 2-in-1s.

To further the trend, Dell has introduced the Latitude 7275, which is 2-in-1 that’s fantastic in every sense. Premium tablets and hybrids are making their way to the market and many professionals are eager to get them for their daily work. Dell’s new Latitude 12 7275 is touted to be perfect for the office, since it has keyboard as half of its exterior.

The Latitude 7275 is a highly portable laptop with Gorilla Glass front on the display that can be hiked up to 4K resolution. Based on Intel Core M processor, it is designed with minimal or no fan cooling too. The “professional” version is made of carbon fiber and features a Thunderbolt, a USB-C along with a smart card reader, a smart fingerprint reader and a handy RFID reader.

The Latitude 7275 comes in two parts including a magnesium alloy tablet with an accompanying slim keyboard that is terrific to look at. The other laptop is about 0.17 inches thicker compared to the HP Elite x2 1012 and of the same weight class as the slimmest laptops.

Latitude 7275

The Two Keyboard Story

The hybrid laptop features a Slim Keyboard which has backlit keys with a thin layout like a cover. The Premium Keyboard has deeper keys and a good touchpad which allows the user to slot the tablet on a single hand.

Both keyboards have magnetic connections thus allowing for easy transformation between modes compared to other latched keyboards. Combined with its easy change, the hybrid scores well on security, speed and usability too.

The Internal Working of the Dell Latitude 7275

  • The new Dell laptop features a Core M processor thus having a thinner and lighter body than its counterparts which has Core i5 and i7 processors. As a standalone tablet, Latitude 7275 is 0.24 pounds lighter than HP elite laptop and about 0.04 pounds heavier than iPad Pro.
  • The laptop is perfect for design and video professionals unlike the Elite x2 1012 that only features a full HD resolution touchscreen. The 4K, touchscreen option for the laptop is an added delight.
  • Although the Latitude 7275 does not feature the Intel’s sixth generation series of processors, one can even customize the tablet and expand its capabilities with the Intel’s Core M7 Skylake processor.

The Right Audience for the Hybrid

For those who have tasks related to heavy video editing or graphic design work, might find the hybrid a bit laggy. For the use, one should rely on Surface Pro versions that provide a high-end configuration.

The Latitude can be configured 128GB HDD capacity and can be expanded to 512GB. All configurations include 4GB RAM till 8GB of RAM and also an inbuilt powerful Intel HD Graphics 515 card.

With the laptop, one can connect the device to USB 3.0, HDMI or Ethernet ports. It also has 2 USB-C connectors for plugging in to a peripheral device and a SD 4.0 Memory Card Reader and micro SIM card slot for additional storage.

The Latitude 7275 can work with about 10 hours of battery life which is similar to the competition. Touted as the world’s smallest 13-inch business-class Ultrabook, Dell is targeted February for a release date in the US with prices starting from $1,049.