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Websites considered as virtual workstations are gaining more importance these days than the physical office spaces. With the enhanced focus on your WebPages, it is imperative that you make it as per global standards keeping parity with advancements happening all across the globe. And to do so you will need the best website development company.

Nimblechapps, a web application development company is committed to furnishing your venture with cutting edge responsive and mobile friendly web designs that are formulated for all kinds of browsers and devices, intuitive & interactive to browse through and take as little time to load as a bulb to light up. Not only website design but also we are really good at web app development.

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Why Choose Our Website Development Company

  • Our clients prefer to stay with us in all their web app development needs because we assure peace of mind for them with A to Zs of web development.
  • Our web application development work starts practically from a scratch received as client brief and ends at the final delivery followed up by user training and follow up supports.
  • Our website development services also come with the greatest possible SEO qualities and communicates in unambiguous terms what your business has to convey.

Our Website Development Services

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management platforms with millions of websites and blogs powered by it. WordPress is regarded as one of the most versatile and flexible content platforms with exceptional ease of use. We can redefine web and blogging experience with our years of experience and proven expertise is WordPress website development.

CodeIgniter Website Development

CodeIgniter is one of the most dynamic and versatile PHP frameworks for building full-featured web apps at a rapid pace. The framework is widely popular for rapid development of high-performance web experience with a small footprint. Our experienced Codeigniter developers can deliver standout web experience with rich features.

PHP Website Development

PHP is one of the most popular languages for building the diversity of websites and apps from diverse niches. PHP is an open script language capable of building highly interactive, featuring rich and dynamic web apps and websites. Our PHP developers by combining both the creativity and technical skill can deliver most user-friendly and dynamic web interface for diverse niches.

Our Web application Development Process


Being the most crucial part of the entire process of web app development, our team of experienced website developers takes thorough care of this stage. They draft every minute detail beforehand so that you get a concrete idea of what the final product would look like. This helps a lot to save crucial development time as it covers the entire range starting from functionality design to communication approach.


Our team of web designers prepare elaborate mock-ups at every stage of the delivery which is nothing but precise replications of what the end result would appear to be. This leaves very little to the client’s imagination and helps him to take decisions that would have otherwise popped up during beta testing.


We do not specialize in any one web application development platform as our skill pool is widespread enough to excel in all platforms sailing as diverse as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento. Functional testing is done on each of them on a feature by feature basis. All these are concluded by vivid tests run in all significant browsers and devices.


Only when our client is delighted with the test product we prefer to go live. The site is moved from the development server to a live one and subsequently tested across all types of devices and browsers.

Post Launch

Launching the product is where our work starts. We give extensive training to the users along with providing extensive user specific document that covers vital topics such as content Management system and other necessary update manuals.



We are always ready on our toes for all kind of user supports as & when required. We reply to any service related query within 24 hours of timeframes and are committed to repairing any breakdown or virus threat causing the least delay.

Our commitment and sincerity to keep you 24X7 aware and alive in the virtual space are precisely the reason why you will select Nimblechapps as a website development company and stick to us as long as you need web app development, maintenance or any other service.