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6 Best Learning Management Systems in 2020

The online learning model is going through tremendous growth, expected to pass a value of $325 billion by 2025. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and people staying at home, online learning is becoming a go to solution for educational institutions. Online learning has resulted in flexibility and ease of learning/training for faculty and students alike. Educators can now teach curriculum from around the world and students can learn anywhere in the world at any time. For this, it is important to have an efficient Learning Management System (LMS).

Companies around the world are now utilising the benefits of online learning to allocate work to remote teams, train employees for different functions, monitoring, compliance and much more. Moreover, vloggers and Youtubers are using digital learning platforms to impart knowledge to users globally. We know it is difficult to find the best LMS for your business. However, we have done all the hard work for you and made a list of best LMS for you. Let us check out some of the best Learning Management Systems in the world:


Moodle is a free software to assist you in creating your online learning platform in a short time. The software is powered with different attributes, instructions, examination and reporting modules. The LMS platform can accommodate both totally online and mixed learning environments. It is very simple to access course material globally as Moodle comes with a cloud hosted solution. You can easily get a free version of Moodle for your first online learning platform. There are multiple communities for support and bug fixes, however you can also buy a paid version of $80 per year to get complete assistance. It is easy to customise user roles and processes as per your requirements and private server hosting to ensure security. Moodle supports only Android and Windows, so you might miss out on iOS users.


JoomlaLMS is a great option for businesses looking for an economically viable and capable LMS. It is powered with a multi-language platform and can be customized for ease of use. Joomla provides multiple in-built user groups, roles and group management, plus personalised learner profiles. Moreover, you can import/export user lists and have access to features for enrollment and registration. The best part, you can get a 30 day free trial to enable you to make an informed choice. The paid plan starts from as low as $37/month and you can also opt for the Enterprise plan which can be customised as per your needs.                                            


If you are looking for an unambiguous and user-friendly software, TalentLMS is the perfect choice for your business. To enable online learning, TalentLMS offers you a ready-made solution where you can sign-up and add courses instantly. Moreover, you can also add video-conferencing tools like Zoom to add to your program to enable virtual learning. The best feature is the Assessment Engine as it allows you to evaluate the progress of students with multiple exams and analyse results through different data reports.What this means, you have full control of content and management. Also, it is great to monetise your courses via Paypal. It is best to go for a free trial to get used to the system. In future, you can also get customisable pricing plans as per your business requirements.


Blackboard is one of the most premium LMS in the world, best for customisation. With Blackboard, you are able to design and manage elearning. It is easy to deliver exams and results and enhance the system based on your requirements using Blackboard Building Blocks. Additionally, you can also use Blackboard’s analytics, collaboration tools and broadcast notification system. Blackboard also offers you an option to have self hosted, managed hosted or cloud based SaaS configuration for your program. It is extremely useful to provide a Student Information System where students can access all information at once. The best part, Blackboard enables an excellent user experience without the requirement of taking the system down for maintenance. Unfortunately, there are no free trials and pricing plans are available on request tailored to your needs.


During COVID-19 global crisis, many organisations are working remotely and Mindflash is the best LMS for managing a remote workplace. Mindflash has a lot of big clients in their kitty, like Microsoft and Apple Inc. The cloud based setup allows businesses to train employees, managers, customers and partners. Mindflash has the simplest user interface beneficial for users to enter/ exit the system seamlessly. The dashboard is equipped with a huge white space, fairly visible tabs and super functional search bar. However, the drawback lies in the lack of social media features and gamification. Mindflash doesn’t come with a free plan and pricing is given on request basis only.


LearnDash is the best bet for businesses with a WordPress website as it has a dedicated WordPress LMS plugin. It is relatively easy to publish an online curriculum with LearnDash LMS. The LearnDash LMS enables businesses to offer paid courses to access online learning in multiple ways. Also, you can use the extensive library of official and third party add-ons with other integration options to use extra features. LearnDash being a cloud software, enables businesses to upload unlimited courses online. For beginners it is extremely easy to use the drag and drop feature to create and manage your online course content. The LearnDash LMS software starts from $159/year to $329/year which is quite reasonable.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the features of LMS may be different but most softwares work in the same way. It is best to use an LMS Software that serves your business requirements and future goals. If you wish to get more information or need to develop your online learning platform, you can contact Nimblechapps Ltd – a mobile app development company. We will keep writing more interesting articles every week to engage and educate our readers.