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11 Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page to Boost Conversions

Web developers peg their hours of in-depth analysis, creative skills, and lateral thinking to create a high conversion landing page.

They tweak pages around headlines, call-to-action buttons, font style, GIF images, and many other attributes. However, despite all the efforts, the fear of not meeting the desired result always looms over their heads.

The reason for this fear is that the web-designers have to project business services around the same attributes, and yet they are expected to top the grid in customer acquisition. To counteract this challenge, designing skills alone is not enough. They have to come up with a robust plan that further groove the sales funnel and increase the customer base.

In which case, a web designer has to put himself into customers’ shoes and think their way. It is always good to align the business owner’s goal and customer’s expectations before designing the landing page.

Here is one such case study that tells how ingraining a smart strategy for landing pages design helped them to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Let’s see some similar techniques that would assist businesses to optimize the conversion rate. But before that

Questions to ask before creating a landing page

Here are a few questions one should ask before creating a landing page,

1. What are your conversion goals?

  • Sell a product
  • Build a relationship with the consumer
  • Gain subscribers

2. How will visitors get to my landing page?

3. Which type of landing page is suitable for my product?

  • Click-through landing pages
  • Lead generation landing pages

4. Does my landing page accommodate relevant keywords?

5. Is your landing page optimized for all devices (screen resolutions, web browser compatibility, etc.)

Let’s see some designing aspects to improve landing page conversion.

1. Outsmart Your Competitors with Engaging Content and Visuals

Flashy deal on landing pages always looks attractive.  But it’s not imperative to sweat around deals and offers every time to beat your competition hands down.  There is a smart way to engage customers on the landing page and outperform your competitor. You can give a pictorial presentation of your USPs or best- performing assets with others.  This will help build a trust level for your product or service.

2. Less is more

Clarity about your company goal is necessary both in words and visuals, but it should not be cluttered.  A landing page with loads of information may restrain customers from taking any actions. So stick to the rule “Less is more.” Some even prefer removing navigation bars to eliminate distractions.  You can keep the logos of the companies you have worked with to leave a good impression on visitors.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

It should be visually convincing.  Users must quickly relate to something that is close and familiar to them.  Let them visualize things around their imagination.

4. Backdrops with Geo-metric shapes

If you are not picking any image as a backdrop, then adding geometric shapes with the right contrast color will emanate a more pleasing effect.  

5. Don’t offer what others are offering

Remember: do not offer what others are offering. Free gifts are lucrative, but for sales funnel you have to come up with a precise strategy.

Suppose your website is selling a WordPress theme. To get customer’s attention, you decide to choose between two offers, which one will you pick out of two “Get free theme on registration” OR “Learn expert level WordPress course in 7 days for free”. You know the answer (option 2).  Offers that add value to customers over the long-run has a higher chance to get converted than only an appeasement offer.

6. Use short videos or micro-interactions

Embedding short videos about the product or service on the landing page improves the conversion rate drastically.  Support service may not be readily available to answer customer’s basic FAQs. In such cases, small videos on the landing page are desirable. You can even add wow factor by adding micro-interactions such as hover effects, confirmation messages and scrolling animations.  If you don’t have an in-house animation studio better hire Animation and Multimedia Companies.

7. Persuasive headlines and subheadlines

As per the expert, 80 % of people will read headlines on the landing page.  The headline text should succinctly depict what you are offering along with the sub-headline. Sub-headline will let know customers what precisely the product is about. Remember, font style, and typography is equally important. 

8. Call-to-Action with interactive message

Simply placing CTAs with the word “subscribe” or “Free Trial” for the sake of their existence is not advisable. Replace monotonous text like “subscribe” and “Free Trial” with resembling text like “Show me how “or “Join millions of others.”

The text on the button must do value addition. Remind visitors through a call to action why they are on the landing page. You can also place multiple CTAs directing to blogs or newsletters to target customers inclined for information.

9. Add social proof and social media share buttons

Establish trust among your potential customers, remember that brute force doesn’t work in page-landing conversion. It is better if you can convince customers showing social proof of your product with genuine appreciation or testimonials. You can even add a social media share button on the landing page to let them circulate in their groups.  

10. Track Conversion Metrics

To increase conversion rate, it is essential that you are aware of the conversion metrics like page load time, bounce rate, time on page, traffic course, and so on.  It gives a fair idea as to where the visitor has landed on the page: is it through organic, CPC, email, direct and so on. So, leverage some good tools to track conversion metrics. Conduct an audit to see where users are dropping off from your website.

11. No credit card required

Avoid features that irritate your visitors to enter the sales funnel.  People may find filling up long credit card details or personal details to enroll with your service a little annoying.  Simply adding one line “No credit card required” can boost the enrolment numbers. Also, as we discussed earlier, include fewer form fields for registration.

Wrapping up

For any company, their landing page is the first point of introduction to customers. So, design in such a way that it can communicate with the customers in a more meaningful way.  Focus a tad more on your layout, headlines, graphical elements, animation & multimedia, and keywords to improve your conversion rates.