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Zikto: A New Tracker to Track and Perfect Your Posture and Activity


Lifestyle disorders are steadily increasing thanks to lack of physical workout and exercises in the life of the urban population. In spite of knowing that we should shed more sweats and move our feet more, a greater part of our day remains over-relaxed and sedentary. Moreover, while being alarmed of the consequences we come out of our comfort hideouts for an energised stroll, lack of habit leads to the bad walking posture which in turn leads to health irregularities. While walking maintaining good posture is important to reap the maximum health benefits.

Yes, you have guessed it right. Everyone just cannot afford a physical trainer who overtime can work to perfect the body posture while walking or going through any activity. This is why digital activity trackers and physical trainers are increasingly getting popular. Zikto Walk Fitness and Activity Tracker is one such innovative tracker and fitness trainer. Zikto helping the user measure almost everything of your daily activity including steps to posture just adds enough value in your constant quest to stay fit and healthy. Zikto is unique in many ways when it is about using the smart ways to enhance your fitness level.

How Zikto Works?

Zikto is a wrist wearable physical tracker that remains awake to all your activities throughout the day. Hugging your wrist, the device just works like a constant tracker and it accurately makes tallies of your steps and the calories you burn while on the way or going through some activities. It gives importance to the natural swinging movement of the arms for the sake of evaluating the walking posture of a person. As soon as the device sensor detects any irregularities of your walking posture the device quickly sends a vibrating alert to the user to help him recalibrate the walking posture in real time.

While walking on a street or while walking in the nearby park in the morning, many people are seen receiving phone calls or reading text messages or in a hurry sending a message. While all these are distractions they can often take a toll on the walking posture. In that respect, Zikto is a revolutionary product as it continues to send alerts against phone calls, texts, and notifications. Such smart alert mechanism will help you never miss a single activity on your mobile.

Zikto actually works like a virtual coach helping you analyse and evaluate the walking patterns if yours. From telling you about physical body balance to tracking your daily activities to alert functions for all the on the go calls, messages, and notifications, this innovative tracker is the first of its kind activity tracker and digital coach. The company which has already unleashed a similar tracker following a successful Kickstarter campaign has just come with a new and more powerful device.

Why is Zikto Walk So Unique?

On the outset, the device looks and feels just like any other standard fitness tracker presently in the market. But apart from this device also has a few other unique attributes. Some of the key things measured by Zikto Walk include swing speed, the angle of rotation in contrast to gravity, the vibration transmitted from the feet while walking, etc. In case of your walking posture going bad, you will instantly be sent a message alert to perfect the same. With this, you have a tool to perfect your walking posture over time. By evaluating the score and walking posture you can be reminded as and when the app considers it required.

Zikto Walk beside evaluating your walk also helps to detect the body balance. Whether you wear it on the left arm or right arm the device can collect data about both the arm movement while walking. While you sport a Zikto Walk while going for stroll it can easily tell which part of the body is not in proper shape during the movement.

As lifestyle disorders are steadily engulfing more and more people under its bad spell, it’s time to allow digital apps and such revolutionary devices like Zikto Walk to help us perfect our walking gaits and stay healthy. On top of that, by offering you alerts for calls, messages, and notifications it helps you stay in touch with your own world while walking.