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ZeTime: A Hybrid Smartwatch That Combines Analogue Hands With Digital Face

zetime a hybrid smartwatch

ZeTime is world’s first hybrid smartwatch. It uses groundbreaking technology to enable a hole to be cut in the center of a round TFT color display. That allows watching hands pass through. ZeTime blends the classic design of a traditional timepiece with the most advanced features of a smartwatch. ZeTime is designed to be worn all day, every day. Its mechanical hands can function for up to 30 days with a single charge.

ZeTime Doesn’t Compromise.

These days smart wearable devices have changed the way we organize our day and connect with the world. But there have also been limitations in this. Compromises are made in design or quality of materials, in toughness and water resistance, or in battery life. A smartwatch does not seem so smart when it is no longer fulfilling its most basic function of being a watch. But it pushes the limits of what is possible. They believe there should be no compromise on design, features, or autonomy. And this should be available at an accessible price point.

Swiss Design.

ZeTime watch comes with an intuitive navigation on a full-color TFT touchscreen. It gives you easy access to all the ZeTime pre-installed apps. Along with your notifications, activity data and more. ZeTime’s high-tech credentials do not mean compromising on style. The watch boasts a sleek 44mm stainless steel watch case inspired by the finest Swiss design. ZeTime features a set of chrome mechanical hands over the color screen. This helps you to always keep an eye on the daily time even when the screen is turned off. The watch is protected by ultra-resistant Sapphire glass. It will accompany you anywhere, anytime.

Heart-rate Monitor & Waterproof.

You can monitor heart-rate automatically or manually with the help of an ultra-accurate 3 LED optical sensor. The smartwatch is waterproof resistance reaching up to 30 meters’ depth.

Checking Notifications.

ZeTime’s physical mechanical hands show you the time at a glance. Keep track of all your notifications straight from your wrist and answer your messages without taking your phone out of your pocket. ZeTime smartwatch displays social networks and apps notifications. The apps include Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Gmail, Skype, WeChat etc. That way, you can keep track of all information that really matters to you.

3-axis Accelerometer.

On ZeTime, you can precisely monitor your cardiac frequency while exercising or at rest. It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer. This helps you track your daily steps, distance calories and active minutes. ZeTime helps you by reminding you of upcoming calendar events. It provides your local weather forecasts.

Control Music & Camera.

It lets you control your favorite music app without opening your phone. The ZeTime can be used as a camera remote for a perfect group selfies. It can help you find your phone by making it ring at the touch of a button.

For Both iOS & Android.

ZeTime comes pre-installed with all the essential apps. Activity and sleep tracking, weather forecasts, camera, and music remote control. All this can be done straight from your wrist. ZeTime is compatible with iOS and Android phones. It offers the same set of features and user experience to both operating systems. It connects seamlessly by Bluetooth to sync activity and sleep data.

Coming This September.

ZeTime comes with a colorful and intuitive user interface designed in-house. It delivers easy navigation and gives quick access to notifications and activity data. It does all this while offering a large selection of watch faces to match your style and your daily mood. The MyKronoz ZeTime will be available from September. Price will be $199.00.