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Zenta Wrist Wearable – Track your Mental and Physical Health Efficiently

Zenta Wrist Wearable

With the stressful pace of modern life, many destructive habits are been inculcated in our daily life. Some startups are appearing trying to track mental states. Created by VINAYA, a London-based technology design house, Zenta is a seamless modern solution for tracking your activity, sleep quality, breathing patterns, stress levels, emotion states, and overall mood. It helps you to adopt positive changes to your behavior and lifestyle. It is the first wearable to not only monitor your physical wellbeing but also incorporate the added dimension of mental wellbeing.

Stylish and Resilient Design

Zenta will be the most stylish and resilient wearable technology product in the market as it will be adding three new designs. It is designed in such a way that it can be worn for any occasion. The accessory is featured with a stone embedded that is crafted in scratch-proof zirconia ceramics and a band with unobtrusive sensors.  The wearable is water-resistant, extra durable and comfortable for everyday wear. Zenta is pushing the boundaries of engineering so that they can design products that are made to last.

How it Works?

ZENTA is built on the very latest scientific understanding of how to decode our feelings. It builds an increasingly accurate profile of you over time and decodes cues from your body and mind. It easily collects and synthesizes complex information about your life within simple steps. With its rich set of features and advanced sensing technology, one can create a happier, stress-free life.

Incredible Features

  • The Zenta smart wrist wearable seamlessly collects information about you and will nudge you with personalized pointers and guidance for your health.
  • It analyses your body and mind with accurate metrics.
  • It discovers stress-inducing triggers in your environment.
  • It gives prompt content to help build better habits.
  • It filters all alerts to help you focus and prioritize your attention towards your work.
  • It has an interactive touch that syncs with your body in real time which can feel your heartbeat.
  • One can share their emotional state with others through visual representations.
  • It schedules a break among conferences once the user’s biometrics indicate less productivity because of stress.

Health Benefits of Zenta

As Zenta is purposefully made to enhance mental and physical health, it monitors aspects like heart rate, perspiration, respiration and temperature and then concludes with cross-references against other data in order to understand cause and effect. It even tries to create a pattern about indicators for mental health such as stress levels.

With the help of sensor technology and the power capabilities, one can decipher how every single human emotion can be plotted in 3-dimensional space collected passively from the user’s biometrics or smartphone data. Thus it has become quite easy to detect behavioral patterns. The company is in the process of building an Artificial Intelligence layer on top of this which could do things like scheduling a break in between meetings when the user’s biometrics indicate a lack of productivity.

Price & Availability

The market price for ZENTA Sport and ZENTA at launch in 2017 will be at $249 and $299 respectively. Estimated arrival of the ZENTA is between March and April 2017.

Bottom Line

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose connection with self and become robotic. Physical wellbeing continues to be the main focus on most wearables, therefore, items like the Apple Watch, Microsoft Band, FitBit and Jawbone are some products that are showing up in the market to track health. With VINAYA’s latest wearable it uses human science and innovation to build technology that helps us feel more human. So one can really start to track these items day-to-day, utilizing a device that’s really wearable.