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Xiaomi Mi Band : Registration Starts Tomorrow

xiaomi mi band

Xiaomi is on a roll. Just a few days back the Chinese giant who created an uproar in the Indian Smartphone scenario last year, is back with a new Mi 4 Smartphone and a Smartband that costs at a meagre INR 999. The Mi Band is the first fitness band from the Chinese giant and they have all the right reasons to be excited for the India launch and the registration that starts from tomorrow and even good news pouring in for Xiaomi as Ratan Tata has invested in the company, details of investment are not disclosed though.

Xiaomi Mi Band

It is the first fitness tracker from Xiaomi and it also has a sleep tracker that gives you deep sleep, the lack of which is the primary cause behind most of the diseases today. The  Mi Band efficiently connects to your Android phones via Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. The fitness band has a fine set of sensors that tracks your sleep and overall fitness regime. You can share your workout history on Social Media and inspire your friends to workout too, in turn making a healthy change in the society. The app that works with the Mi Band will offer you health and other advices based on your workouts and history.

Fitness comes easy with Mi Band

Monitor your daily fitness level with the all new Xiaomi Mi Band. It tracks all your daily activities like walking, running, cycling and more. This will help you to go after your targets, achieve them and feel good by doing it daily. Over the time, it will form a habit and you will never miss out on your workout again. What is the added advantage that comes with the Mi Band? Most of the times, our phones are charging and we are no where near the charger so you get a lot of abuses from friends/ bosses when you don’t pick up their calls. The Mi Band will vibrate when somebody calls and you are not near the phone. How thoughtful!

Sleep Tracker

Trust me when I say this, you need to get proper sleep as lack of proper sleep leads to a whole lot of health issues like obesity, stress, anxiety, blood pressure problems and what not. The Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness band combined with a sleep tracker. Here Xiaomi has touched a sensitive spot and they know that achieving proper fitness without getting enough sleep. So, the Mi Band tracks your sleep too. It sets an alarm automatically by syncing with your natural sleep cycle. It starts with a slow vibration 30 minutes before the alarm buzzes off, so that when it actually buzzes you are raring to go.

With the sleep tracker, it is easy to track your deep sleep and the overall quality of your sleep. You don’t need to manually set your alarm, give the Mi Band a few days and it will workout the best time for you to wake up based on your daily sleeping habits. This is something that I had been personally waiting for, not that I knew something like this could happen. But that is the trait of great products, isn’t it? Even Apple worked on the same principles. I would say good going Xiaomi.

You can unlock your phone with the Mi Band. Now this is one of the first fitness bands to work multiple ways. The battery life of the Mi Band is enviable and it goes on 30 days with a single charge. Maybe this is the best point about this fitness band as you don’t want to run after your charger to charge everything at once- your smartphone, your laptop , iPad and now the fitness band too. No way.

I am geared up to order myself a cool Xiaomi Mi Band as the registration starts tomorrow. Get yours here : Register your Mi Band