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X-ONE H1: A Hybrid Smartwatch by Conex Watches

X-ONE H1 Smartwatch

Smartwatches no longer make any news as a promising new tech wearable as we all know the kind of features they usually offer and the way the limitations they have. If you are not a diehard defender of new tech wearables, you must be agreed on one point that smartwatches never really took off as the popular product sweeping over the always vibrant analogue watch market simply because they lack style and elegance compared to their designer analogue counterparts.

The X-ONE H1 and smartwatch evolution

But at the same time smartwatches no longer remained the same. They also embraced the fashionable aspect of the designer and analogue watches to stay competitive as the watch besides as tech wearable. Today if you look for a smartwatch with the look and feel of fashionable analogue watches, there are quite a few options. But nothing equals the new X-ONE H1, an exclusive smartwatch with analogue like mechanical watch movement besides delivering a thoroughly connected experience. In that respect, X-ONE H1 offers a very unique watch coupling both smartwatch experience and the look and feel of designer watches.

X-ONE H1 has gone through a Kickstarter campaign and at the time of writing this review, it already over-achieved its initial funding target of $35,000. Though all projects do not guarantee coming up with an actual product, the overwhelming success and unique value proposition of the X-ONE H1 ensures it will come out as a market-winning product in the end. If you want to back the project, you can offer a minimum pledge value of $750.

A unique fusion

Early in the days when the smartwatches first came, we were not happy with the geeky look of the smartwatches. The stylish analogue watch faces were something the buyers couldn’t go missing from their wrists. Naturally, people were of divided opinion about to what extent smartwatches are really wearable. But soon, realising this dilemma many brands came with the fusion combining stylised watch faces like their analogue predecessors and smartwatch features. Presently, the X-ONE H1 gave this evolving fusion a new twist of creative design and feature attributes.

The unique thing about X-ONE H1 is that it just didn’t change the watch face to suit the demands of stylised look and feel, but at the very core it incorporated the analogue watch mechanism. For the first time, we have a smartwatch that not only looks like an analogue watch from outside but also works the same inside as well. It is equipped with the internal mechanical movement powering the hour, minute, and seconds hand in the same way any regular automatic watch works. In addition to this, there is also a small, neat system of electronics powering all other features like the linear display, GMT, perpetual calendar, etc.

Unique technology

One big applause this smartwatch deserves for its unique technology of using your arm movement for creating the energy required to run it. This watch entirely takes power from the movement of your body or arms for running. This is a unique technology which refers to the charging capability of a complex electronic movement just through a spinning rotor is unique in smartwatches as of now. It is not uncommon for simple quartz watches to utilise this rotor spin to allow quartz movement, but in smartwatches, it is a totally uncommon technology. In addition to this unique watch making, the aesthetic design and watch face further make it a killer choice against so-called smartwatches.

Different variants and price points

The X-ONE H1 watch price starts at $750 if you opt for the base steel variant and it goes as high as $1,000 for the top variant. This watch is equipped to run the Sellita Caliber SW200 movement which is popular with many modern Swiss watchmakers. As for charging the electronics, it can be charged through induction and once charged the battery can run for a whole week.

What else this smartwatch can do?

This smartwatch as we have already seen is loaded with both analogue watch technologies and smartwatch features. Besides offering most updated watch making technology used in latest Swiss watches it also offers a different step counter within the watch face that can notify you from time to time about incoming calls and messages.

The X-ONE H1 is already a success and so don’t worry

If you are still concerned about the future of the campaign and how probable it is to see the watch hit markets soon, you should have a close look at the huge potential it represents with its unique watch making and range of value propositions. The X-ONE H1 mechanical smartwatch is offered through the Kickstarter with a wide variety of finishes, and for the first 22 early bird backers, it is available at just $750. So, it is just the ideal time to pledge for this watch.


The X-ONE H1 represents a mindful and intelligent fusion of traditional Swiss watchmaking and smartwatch technology by comprising mechanical and the electronic. It is a great choice as a truly valuable wearable.