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Wove Band – The First Smartwatch that Bends

Wove Band

Smart technology is soon becoming the most important constituent in the realm of Internet of Things. Being in the midst of connected devices enables us to live a more comfortable and easy life. With a gamut of smart devices available in the market today, the most popular undoubtedly has been the smartwatch. With biggies like Apple and Samsung ruling the smartwatch industry, there are a plethora of other smaller companies that need to be looked out for.

Uniquely Designed Wove Band

The smartwatch industry is inundated with devices that appear like a typical technological gadget, while there are others which have incorporated aesthetic design elements that make the device look more like a watch and less like a gadget. However, can you imagine wearing a smartwatch that is flexible and bends? Polyera, a flexible electronics company, has recently launched a smartwatch prototype named Wove Band which has an innovative design element that allows it to bend in a dynamic way. Wove Band uses digital fabric technology and is made from Ployera’s patented Flexible Thin-Film Transistors and has an active-matrix display.

Flexible Form Factor

Wove Band

Wove Band incorporates a flexible form factor; the touch screen of Wove Band has a surface area that is 6 times that of Apple’s 42mm smartwatch. The massive display of Wove Band is always on, ensuring users are always updated with their tasks and to-do lists and do not miss a single notification. An always on display requires a lot of battery; hence Wove Band is outfitted with an energy-sipping E-Ink front layer that facilitates a shallow user interface that constantly updates information and makes it available throughout the day. Additionally, the cover glass on the Wove Band makes the watch look bigger than it actually is.

Smart Display

While most smartwatches require users to press a button in order to access a notification or message, the Wove Band is unique. Measuring just 3cm in width, the Wove Band has a series of hinged links which allow it to wrap around the user’s wrist. When users receive a notification, they simply have to rotate their arm and the message appears on a screen which is twice the area of a typical smartwatch on the underside of the wrist. Wove Band is currently made using black and white e-paper technology but Polyera aims to make it work with OLED panels, for full colour video playback.

Technical Specs

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Motion Sensor: 9 axis
  • Battery: 230 mAh
  • Display size: 30x156mm
  • Display resolution: 1040×200 pixels
  • Compatibility: Android OS


While there has been no announcement on the price, the CEO of Polyera has said that Wove Band will cost less than the least-expensive Apple Watch. Wove Band is slated to be commercially launched in mid-2016.  Currently, Wove Band looks simple and does not incorporate an aesthetic design. However, Polyera aims to give it a fashion makeover and also incorporate a few more modern features that is sure to make heads turn.

Final Verdict

While a variety of smartwatches are available in the market today, a smartwatch that can bend and flex repeatedly, without damaging the display, has surely created a new wave in the wearable technology industry. Made using digital fabric technology, It wraps beautifully around the user’s wrist, making it the smartwatch’s most innovative feature and helps it to stand out in the cluttered smart wearable market.