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Withings introduces affordable fitness tracker “Activite Pop”

Withings Activite Pop

Withings launched a high cost fitness tracker Withings Activite in June 2014. And last week at the International CES 2015, Withings introduced an affordable fitness tracker “Activite Pop” to reach a wider audience this time and not repeating the same mistake made by Withings Activite when it was launched six months ago. If you still have no idea what Withings Activite is, you can check out a detailed report on Withings Activite here.

What is Withings Activite Pop?

Withings Activite Pop is the latest offering in the segment of fitness trackers from Withings. The previous version of the fitness tracker was priced at $450 which was too much to take for consumers and failed to connect with the users. They just got the pricing wrong with the earlier instalment, otherwise the watch was a Swiss made masterpiece. The new Activite Pop is as affordable as $150, can you imagine slashing off $300 on each watch. The latest device is worth a watch and Withings hopes it will turn the tables this time around with their new fitness tracker.

Features of Activite Pop

The best part about Activite Pop being a fitness tracker is that it looks and feels exactly like an elegant and chic wrist watch. The device has a clean dial along with a secondary dial which shows the daily step count which ranges from 0 to 10,000 steps. It runs on a button cell battery providing an astonishing eight months runtime, you don’t need to recharge every night and a cable free life. The watch can be synced with a smartphone so that the watch automatically updates when you enter a new time zone or daylight saving time.

What is new in Withings Activite Pop?

There is an accelerometer underneath the glass and it keeps a track of activity levels including walking, running and swimming. The watch even tracks sleeping patterns and informs you about light and deep sleeping cycles also letting you know the number of times you wake up during the night and the total duration of sleep.The silent alarm vibrates to wake you up and this data is well synchronised with the iOS app on your smartphone.

Competitors of Activite Pop?

Just like any other fitness tracker available in the market, Withings Activite Pop is also facing the same pressure from the smart watch market which people believe will take over activity tracker market just smartphones killed iPods, walkmans, GPS trackers and more. Nike had to shutdown the FuelBand altogether. Fitbit and Basis are the only competitors that handled the pressure well and they counter attacked by adding new tracking features that attracts a wider consumer base.

The new Activite Pop does not track heart rate, which is the most common feature amongst fitness trackers and smartwatches, so is Withings trying to be bold and different and risky all at the same time? It is not a very good idea, knowing how bad they want the new device to excel considering the failure of the previous activity device. Available at $150, the Activite Pop is a really good choice if you want to go for a fitness tracking device.