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Upright Go, A Never-Before Wearable To Perfect Your Posture

Upright Go

As the lifestyle affected disorders are creeping up thanks to physically harmful postures of sitting for prolonged hours in our workplaces and elsewhere, people are always on the lookout for perfect postures that can boost their well being. Thankfully some innovative wearable products are being developed to correct our postures and Upright Go is the latest addition to this league of these smart products.

The product developed by Upright Technologies of Yahud, Israel is basically a small and discreetly designed product that by being attached to the upper back of the user can offer valuable insights about the user to maintain optimal posture. Coming out of a successful Kickstarter campaign the product is all set to go to add value to the life of people suffering from imperfect postures in daily life.

Design Of The Product

Upright Go comes with simple and stylish attributes and the box pack only delivers the device and the charger. Being a small and extremely lightweight device built with a smooth silicon material users are provided inputs in two different ways, respectively through the LED indicator on top of the device and through vibration. There is also a seemingly invisible control button which is used only for setting the perfect posture and to turn the device off or on.

The Usability That Helps Correcting Posture

Instantly after turning on the device, it connects the mobile device via Bluetooth. The user now can attach the device to the upper back portion of his body with the help of double-sided patch. The Upright Go is the basic version of the product which trains the user to correct only the upper back posture and the company also has a product named Upright Pro which is capable to train both the upper and lower part of the body.

When the device is settled on your upper back the user gets into the upright posture which is really the objective of this device. To maintain perfection you need to calibrate the device by pressing the control button. The device comes with two distinct modes of operation, respectively as active mode and a tracking mode.

In active mode, the device by sensing the slouching posture of the user sends a gentle vibration to tell users sitting upright. The vibration duration and intensity can be adjusted through the accompanying app. In tracking mode, the device only tracks or records the various irregularities in user postures and allows user knowing about their perfection in postures.

As the device remains attached to the skin of the user, it is important that it does not cause any irritation. There is a double-sided patch that keeps the device attached to the screen. On the one hand, it firmly attaches to the skin leaving no scope for accidental fall off, on the other hand, it does not work as a strong adhesive to cause irritation. Only in case of too much sweating, the device has chances to slip off the skin, especially when the patch gets older and worn out. The device is not a waterproof one and so you should prevent it from coming into contact with water or liquid. Upright Go has a fairly good battery life and its lithium-ion battery lasts two days with a single full charge.

Some Drawbacks To Remember

Undoubtedly it is a pretty awesome product to perfect your posture and train you sitting and standing upright during all daily activities. In that respect, the product is literally flawless. But, it also does not come without some hefty drawbacks. First of all, compared to the Upright Pro which is a device with the enhanced capability to take care of body postures for both upper and lower body part, this one addresses posture problems for an only lower body part. Secondly, the device may be a perfect one for people continuously sitting in workplaces or other living environments, but is not an ideal one for many other use cases.

Finally, with the device helping you sitting upright you get your spine comfort and ideal posture over time. In ultimate analysis, it can be considered as a device to add value to your life in more ways than one.