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Turn Color Into Sound Using Specdrums

Turn Color Specdrums
Specdrums is an app-connected rings that turn color into sound. It makes the world your sound machine. They let you create beats and melodies by tapping on anything with color. It could be anything- your clothes, a 12-color keyboard, or any objects you find around you. You can even draw and print out your own Specdrums instruments.

Create Music From Colors.

You can tap anywhere to create musical beats and sounds. Also, you can connect up to ten rings to the mobile app and start tapping colors to trigger sounds. You are free to assign new colors from your clothes, printed keyboards and drum pads, colored drawings, or any other colors you find around you. The iOS and Android app allows you to connect up to 10 rings. Musical pitches and sounds can be played wirelessly through our app, just by tapping colors..

Select Any Instrument.

You can select many types of instruments. It could be a keyboard, synth, or drum kit. You can also choose other collections of sounds, like your own recordings and sound effects. You can easily customize the color of each sound in order to match specific colors you find around you, like your clothes.

Portable And Easily Accessible.

Specdrums are designed to be the most accessible, portable musical device for people of all ages and musical backgrounds. They’re fun for all and perfect for…

  • Drummers who tap all the time
  • Musicians looking for a pocket device
  • Children who like musical toys
  • Teachers who use STEAM education
  • Developers
  • Anyone who fidgets and taps at their desk

Good For Education.

Specdrums are great for music education. It’s because they are low-storage, low-budget, and easy to set up. You just have to buy the rings and download the free app. Specdrums can help your children learn musical pitches. This can be easily done with the help of color recognition. They can arrange colors in order to play a song, and create their own instruments by coloring sketches or cutting out construction paper.

You can easily play Specdrums anywhere, since the world around us is so full of color. You can even play them on other instruments to add drum beats.


Specdrums can be used to loop short musical snippets called Sloops. These consist of layered beats and melodies created using different instruments and vocal recordings within the app. These Sloops can be sent to friends or shared on social media. These can be easily downloaded and opened by others who can then contribute to them. This feature makes musical creation available to everyone. This way it creates a collaborative, welcoming musical experience.

Apart From Working With The App.

Specdrums also offers the ability to save schemes for later use consisting of colors, instruments, and sounds. It creates a scheme for all the colors you find at your desk, or another scheme for some new colored instrument you create yourself. Specdrums rings can also be used as a Bluetooth MIDI Device. This means they can connect to hundreds of other music-making apps, like GarageBand. They can even be connected to your laptop to play through software. Set the colors you tap to sounds like drum kits, keyboards, animal sounds, and your own recordings.


You can make use of the open-source Specdrums iOS App or Specdrums Linux & Mac OSX Python Library to develop your own Specdrums application.