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Swatch Smartwatch to compete with Apple Watch and Pebble

It is that time of the year when tech giants are facing the tough task of following up the promises made by them during fall, for example Apple Watch is due to start shipping next month all over the world and it is an acid test of sorts. It is raining Smartwatches and one more Watchmaker giant Swatch has decided to plunge into competition with Apple, Samsung and Google among the others  in the Smartwatch arena. We will take a close look at the Swatch Smartwatch and dig deep into the features of this smart watch and whether it will make it big or not.

Swatch Smartwatch

It is evident that Watchmaker giant Swatch recently announced that they will soon be releasing a smartwatch which will directly compete with Apple, Google and Samsung, Withings and many more companies. There were rumours some time ago about an alleged partnership of Swatch with Apple Inc. on their most ambitious product the “Apple Watch” which is about to be shipped soon next month. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek announced that the Watchmaker giant will start selling these Smartwaches in about three months time.

Features of Swatch Smartwatch

The features of the new Swatch Smartwatch are to be along the lines of the usual smartwatches that are available in the market at the moment. The best thing about the Swatch Smartwatch is that it does not need to be charged and can be used without the hassle of a cable attached to the smartwatch every now and then.

The main functions of the Swatch Smartwatch include communication, mobile payments at selected stores like Coop and Migros and mobile applications that works on Windows and Android. Sorry iOS app users. The communication features include SMS display and normal notifications like calls and text messages.

Issues that Swatch Smartwatch must address

There is another Smartwatch named Pebble which is quite a hit among the masses and Swatch will have to compete with Pebble too. The advantage that Pebble inherits directly is that it caters to both iOS and Android whereas Swatch has no support for iOS, as of now. Swatch is more of a plastic, affordable watches and so is Pebble there is a direct comparison in terms of price and looks too.

Pebble is leading the smartwatch race in terms of battery life which is a whopping 5-7 days compared to 1-2 days of other smartwatches, but the Swatch smartwatch wins hands down in this department as there is no need to charge this watch.

There is one more area which is very important for the users – app selection. Pebble has more than 6,000 apps on offer on their Watch app store which was opened last year itself. Swatch will not be able to come even fractionally close to that mark anytime soon. Though, Swatch has fumbled with the smartwatch earlier, but they might have hit the right button this time around. Only time will tell though.