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Stark: An Affordable Hybrid Smartwatch

Stark An Affordable Hybrid Smartwatch

For those who are interested in getting into the wearable games, hybrid watches are a really good bet right now. Hybrid watches are those timepieces that combine the look and functionality of a traditional watch with abilities that are seen in today’s smartwatches. A new project on Kickstarter called Stark is taking a novel approach. This slick looking but minimalist gadget brings all the core functionality you’d expect from a hybrid watch.

Functions Similar To Any Other Smartwatch.

Just like any other smartwatch, Stark hybrid smartwatch also performs functions like tracking your daily activity, monitoring your sleep and receiving notifications from your smartphone. Its discreet design allows it to match well with different personal styles.

Discreet Design.

The Stark is an affordable and versatile smartwatch. Stark has a stainless steel watch case and has an adjustable thermoplastic polyurethane watchband. The smartwatch boasts a classic rounded analog watch-style design. The minimal dial is adaptable to the timeless elegant style. While its glow-in-the-dark hands and numbers complement the watch and are designed in order to be read easily even at night.

Apple Health.

Inside the water-resistant, stainless steel casing there is an accelerometer. This is for tracking your daily activity. Although there is no heart rate monitor, the watch will provide you with information about the number of steps you take, calories you burn, The distance you travel and the number of hours you sleep. It will also give poke you when you have been sitting on the sofa for too long. This way it allows you to set fitness goals and sync with Apple Health. Stark also has an accompanying app that keeps tabs on your fitness and activity.

iOS and Android Compatibility.

Smartphone connectivity for iOS and Android includes text, SMS and calls. These things will presumably be shown through the LEDs on the face of the watch. Other features include “Anti-Lost” tech, a camera remote control and various alarms.

Battery Life.

The best thing about Stark is probably its battery life. In order to provide you with more flexibility, the watch has two separate batteries. The one that powers the movement will keep on going for 2 years. While the Bluetooth 4.0 smart module will last over 4 months at a time. An extra smart module battery is also provided with every watch.

Shipping This Year.

The crowdfunding campaign for Stark is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $50 to preorder the Stark smartwatch. If it reaches its funding goal, it will be shipped in July 2017.