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Snapchat Spectacles 2: The Much Improved Spectacle Camera with Lot of Value Additions

Snapchat Spectacles 2

Snapchat launched its spectacle camera a few years before it became instantly popular. But soon that popularity began to wane away with several shortcomings and issues cited by the users worldwide. In spite of selling the first version of the spectacle camera nearly 220,000 pairs, critics say it never fully justified its reputation. With this new version 2 of the spectacle camera, Snapchat addressed several shortcomings and issues that were raised earlier.

First of all, the new spectacle can also capture photos besides video. There is no yellow ring as a visual alert to make people facing the spectacle know about the camera. It is also going to be the first underwater-capable spectacle camera. To make an appealing presence, it has come with several classic colour options and lighter lenses. The camera also comes with prescription options and comes equipped with a charging case and stylish as well as slim flame. The version of the Snapchat spectacle camera is going to be available for just $150.

Price and availability

The new Snapchat Spectacles will sport a price tag of $150 and will be available in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and France right now. And from 13th next month, it will be available in 13 other European countries. Surprisingly, this time the product will be available from Snap’s own app and website and from no other third-party stores like Amazon.

Early verdict

While most critics seem to have a cautious approach in making a statement about the new version 2 of the spectacle camera, the product seems to have a clearly winning package with several “ups” from its predecessor. It is no longer a novelty item for a few social geeks but is actually an innovative tool for the wider audience. At present, we can only say that the sunglasses with a powerful camera is back with a bang.

How does it work?

The new spectacle camera from Snapchat has been designed to work with optimum ease and flexibility. You just need to press a single button on the frame of the spectacle, and it will shoot a video with 10-second duration. With next press of the button, it will shoot a 30-second clip. To snap a still photo all you need is to press and hold this button. Just when the spectacle starts recording, the LEDs all around the camera gets flared-up.

As for the storage, one pair of the glasses is capable to store up to 150 videos or 3,000 snaps at a given time. After the shoot is complete your spectacle can easily connect to the phone via Bluetooth and thereafter can share the snaps with the Snapchat platform with wi-fi. The carrying case of the spectacle can work as the charger and it is capable to shoot up to 70 videos with just a single charge.

Differences with the first Snapchat spectacle that really matters

The new Snapchat camera spectacle differentiates itself from its predecessor on multiple aspects. Let us have a look at few of these differences that really matter for the users.

  • There are few new colour shades available with this spectacle.
  • The spectacle is one-third smaller and more lightweight than the earlier one.
  • It costs just a negligible $20 more than the price of the first version.
  • The new spectacle can also snap photos now besides regular capacity of shooting videos.
  • The dual microphones of the spectacle are claimed to be capable of reducing wind noise and deliver a sharper audio output.
  • The new camera spectacle offers a little less field of view which stands now at 105-degrees in contrast to the 115-degrees field of view offered by the first version.
  • The new Snapchat spectacle is water resistant and can withstand splashes and rainwater. Though it doesn’t come with any water-resistance rating officially.
  • There is also an option of ordering prescription or polarized lenses for the new spectacle.
  • As per the company, the new spectacle is capable of transferring video as fast as within just 3 seconds compared to 9 seconds with the first Spectacles.
  • The video will be transferred to the Snapchat in HD quality.

Bottom line

The Snapchat camera spectacle became particularly popular because of its capability to cover a wider area with the circular video when you rotate your eyes around. With the new Snapchat Spectacles 2, this capability is, even more, sharper with more boost to ease of sharing and quality of snaps and videos. Hurray! You have got your best Snapchat camera ever.