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Skagen Falster: The New Star in The Evolving Smartwatch Market

Skagen Falster Smartwatch

Skagen’s Falster is not just another brand new smartwatch but it a sharply designed wearable with crisp thin look and feel. It once again assured us that smartwatches tend to get thinner in look and feel more than ever before. As a debut smartwatch from the brand, it flaunts a really matchless style and looks. But apart from its exuberant style Skagen also gave its debut smartwatch cool features and especially things that make dealing with notifications easier.


If you look at the latest arrivals on the smartwatch segment, you are bound to recognize the tough and incredibly tightened space of competition among cute touchscreen wearables for the wrist. There is a clear indication that buyers prefer a thinner watch in spite if shortcomings in features rather than a heavier and fat one that comes with a lot of features. The new Skagen Falster just kept on this design preference.

While design excellence and exceptional look and feel make many brands compromise on account of sturdy features and performance, Skagen Falster just brilliantly integrated both aspects into its round slim wrist piece. It offers a classic slim design as a sharply designed smartwatch. With an ultra-thin chassis and minimalist design, it looks elegant for any wrist.

Falster didn’t take its design innovations to the weird and insane level as it pretty much limited its approach within the convention as well. Skagen Falster like most smartwatches in the market flaunts a hardware button as well. The design especially stands out of the commonplace with solid stainless steel built which comes in three different colours respectively as silver, rose gold, and black. Both the silver and gold coloured versions flaunts a metal mesh strap the black one features a leather band.

Performance and Display

Falster was first demonstrated at the CES 2018, and most of the people present there could not actually play with all the features just because the company presented it only to allow seeing the features while they were not allowed to play with them as with their owned smartwatches. Naturally, except a few nobody could test its performance inside out. But that does not prevent us from getting a clear idea about the performance of this smartwatch.

Skagen Falster just straps on the wrist perfectly while Android Wear 2.0 gives the watch a perfect performance boost from inside. The best thing that this new watch provides is a smooth AMOLED display within full circle watch face that just brings out the original aesthetics of traditional watches.

Minimalist in approach

As for the feature set, this stylish smartwatch rather chosen to embrace minimalism making it quite comfortable while always preventing it from getting overloaded with too many. This approach which is derived from a Danish concept called the hygge life actually helped to bring minimalism with dints of ease of use in this smartwatch.

Unparalleled battery life

When it comes to battery life, the Skagen Falster seems to have the capacity to outshine many others. As per the company, it would deliver on an average 24-36 hours of battery life with a single charge, but it seems debatable by many reviewers and experts. But it can really stretch out for extended hours of use with the assurance that it comes loaded with battery-saving smart watch faces. This intriguing aspect is something we could not see in many earlier ones and can really prove to be a game changer.

Premium price tag

Skagen Falster is not going to be a pretty affordable watch with a premium price tag of $275.  On the other hand, if you look for a smartwatch with some designer attributes like the slim thin built, this can be the best debut one both with respect to design and functionalities.

Final Verdict

Did you already turn your back on smartwatches just because they look geeky and less stylish? Well, it can actually be the one that loyalists of stylish looking budget analog watches were waiting for. It is a super analog watch in style and design while boasting of an array of smart features. It is ideally a smartwatch that gives the best of both worlds at the perfect measure.