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Samsung Gear A – The Rounded Smart Watch

Samsung Gear A

Samsung has been creating smartwatches for long and its journey is witness to the fact that Samsung is no stranger in the arena of smartwatches. But with a stiff battle from Apple’s Watch, LG, Sony, Asus, and others, Samsung is now coming up with its first round display smartwatch like some of its competitors, which is to be called Samsung Gear A.

What the Samsung Gear A has to offer your wrist:

Doing away with past offerings, Samsung is now going to deliver one unified Samsung watch, which will come in two versions – a 3G connected, standalone version as well as a Bluetooth connected variant that would possibly run Android Wear. These smartwatches will flaunt a 1.65 inch screens with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and include many fitness tracking sensors including GPS, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, pressure sensor, magnetic sensor and gyro sensor.

  • A round display watch with a rotating bezel and a crown:

In its “next generation of the Gear device,” Samsung is now coming up with a circular designed smartwatch, which will be its first. The face of the watch will have a rotating bezel feature that can be used to control the device such as zooming and navigating, through the interface. Not only that, the bezel allows you to browse through pictures, apps and menus and you can also set an alarm with it, which means there would be less finger smudging of the screen. Hence, theoretically, developers now have the opportunity to create apps that use Samsung’s rotating bezel.

It is said that the Gear A would supposedly have a crown too, just like the Apple Watch. However, unlike the Watch, Samsung’s crown won’t help you use the watch though. It can only be used to turn the device on and off, as well as launch S Voice controls and emergency messages. The crown-shaped power button will supposedly rest on one side of the watch and be used pretty infrequently. It seems that the crown is there for the aesthetic value but Samsung could definitely have other functions for it in the future.

  • 3G calling:

Like we know that Samsung has come up in the past with crazy standalone smartwatches that run on their own steam, the Gear A will come in two variants: One which is dependent on a Bluetooth connection to your phone, and the other which has 3G and calling support. The 3G model is expected to be as expensive as any other standalone smartwatch with a cellular data connection.

  • Hassle-free wireless inductive charging:

Proprietary charging cables made earlier Samsung smartwatch versions seriously annoying. But it seems that that issue has finally been solved with the Gear A. This smartwatch will feature wireless charging just like the Moto 36. While it isn’t really clear yet regarding how long the battery of the round smartwatch will last, but if it’s like the rest of the Android wear devices in the market, the Gear A will also probably run for a couple of days on a single charge. Moreover, it is believed that Samsung is most likely to be selling a charging pad along with the Gear A.


Although not announced yet, The Gear A is expected to arrive alongside the galaxy Note 5 in September 2015 at IFA in Berlin.