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QardioCore: A Water-Resistant Wearable That Records ECG/EKG

The QardioCore

Earlier this year, Qardio, the company that is known for its blood pressure monitor and smart scale, announced the launch of a new product. The product is named QardioCore. It is a smart wearable that records ECG/EKG. The QardioCore was originally announced in CES 2015, but now it is available for ordering. QardioCore not only records ECG data. It will also monitor heart rate and heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate and activity tracking.

Groundbreaking Sensor Technology.

QardioCore comes with a groundbreaking sensor technology. These sensors deliver clinically accurate heart rate activity monitoring. This can be done any where and anytime while easily fitting your daily lifestyle. QardioCore is can easily and accurately record and check your overall heart health. You can then easily share your data with doctors and health care providers remotely.

The Qardio App.

  1. Irregular Heart Beat: Qardio App automatically detects and records irregular heart beats so you can better keep your doctor informed about such important events.
  2. Triple Measurement: The average of three measurements is taken. Qardio App automatically takes and averages 3 successive measurements for you. This gives a more accurate result.
  3. Photo Slideshow: The Qardio App presents you with a photo slideshow so it turns your blood pressure time into an enjoyable moment with your personal slideshow. This in turn helps in getting a more accurate reading.
  4. Interpreting Results: You can easily understand your results by seeing your results on the World Health Organisation Chart and making the comparisons. So this way, you will not have to make any guesses regarding the results. You can view your QardioArm blood pressure monitor measurement history. With this, you can see how your health is changing over time with comprehensive charts and graphs.
  5. Geo Tracking: With the Geo Tracking feature, you can track your measurements by location. This way you can see how your blood pressure changes at home, work, or a holiday.
  6. Linking with others: Qardio App seamlessly integrates with many other apps and platforms. This makes it easy to combine, analyze and store your data conveniently in one place.
  7. Sharing your data: With the Qardio App, you can share your data with your friends and family and get their help in staying healthy. They can easily follow your measurements with notifications and automatic data sharing. The Qardio app also allows you to store your doctor’s email. This will help you in keeping them easily informed about your health on regular intervals. This can be easily done with just a click of a button.

Create A Support.

The Qardio App helps you set reminders to take your BP measurement regularly. You can take readings at consistent times which will help you get a clear picture of your health. When you allow friends and family to take your measurement or follow your routine, it makes it easy for you to build a support network. You can also add quick notes and track your medication and health. Such notes can be added to each measurement for a better health record.

BMI And Full Body Composition.

You can also keep a track of your BMI and full body composition changes over time, with Qardio app. This way you can get to know your body better. Add quick notes about your diet or habits to your measurements. See how lifestyle changes affect your weight and body composition. Just step on the scale and QardioBase does the rest.

For Both Android And iOS Devices.

Qardio App helps expectant moms record their weekly progress and add photos to their measurements to visualize milestones. Select your preferred measurement system and mode. A vibration on your phone signals the recording of measurement. It is then stored in your app so you can view your results anywhere. The Qardio App works with both Android and iOS devices.

Splash And Rain-Resistant.

The QardioCore is splash and rain-resistant. This makes it more convenient. The QardioCore is now available for $499.