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POMO Waffle – The Most Fashionable GPS Smartwatch to Support Kid’s Independence, Creativity

POMO Waffle

With a range of styles as diverse as the kids who wear it, the POMO Waffle is completely customizable and is available in a variety of colors that can be personalized with additional ‘toppings’ and over 15 cartoon character designs to suit any personality.  Simply open the ‘My Watch’ feature, draw your own image or select a character from the group, and use your own creations as the design of the watch face. Beyond creative tools, younger users will also enjoy the ease of use and fun features, including: emoticon sticker messaging and group chats, play time and step count exercise tracking, and BFF group settings for easy calling and voice messaging.

Simultaneously, parents will be able to access a suite of safety features like the Smart Locator which is an instant GPS tracking of a child’s location, ‘Take Me Home’ which offers live navigation home and an SOS alert from a child in an emergency situation. POMO Waffle is even appealing to teachers, offering an “In-Class Mode” to prevent distracting peers when in use.

The POMO Waffle is available now on Indiegogo starting at $109.

POMO Waffle Key Features:

  • My Watch: POMO Waffle is completely customizable. It allows kids to express their personalities with over 15 cartoon designs to choose from. You have to simply swap out the face of the watch to a character of your choosing. Kids can also create a personalized watch face by drawing on the screen.
  • Take Me Home: You can add important locations like home, school, or a friend’s place so POMO Waffle can give directions wherever they need it.
  • Voice Calling: With VOIP parents and kids can call each other from anywhere in the world free of charge.
  • Watch Off Alarm: With this alarm, you can receive notifications when kids take off the watch or when the watch is running out of batteries.
  • SOS: POMO Waffle keeps safety at the forefront by allowing kids to ask for help when they need it. When the feature is activated, parents will receive a call with their child’s current location.
  • Safe Zone: POMO Waffle enables parents to establish a safe zone for their children, and notifies them when users leave the designated area. The user’s location will always be tracked through a combination of WiFi, GPS and LBS technology.
  • Exercise Tracker: Using the exercise tracker, you can track steps and active play time to promote a healthy lifestyle for development.
  • Voice Messaging & Emoticon Stickers: POMO Waffle allows children to communicate and express their ideas by sending messages and stickers to other users throughout the day.
  • Materials: POMO Waffle is made up of non-toxic food grade silicone that is both wear-resistant, scratchproof, and waterproof
  • Styles: It is available in 4 colors: White, Blue, Black and Pink
  • BFF (Best Friend Forever): The “Best Friend Feature” encourages socializing by allowing kids to add five friends to the list and easily connect through real-time calls and voice messaging.

About POMO House

Founded in 2014, POMO House is the global family technology company creating innovative education and safety products for kids ages 5 and up. Developing high-quality products that make learning fun, POMO House has introduced four products to date – including a Smart Fever Monitor and the GPS and IoT-driven Pomo Kids smartwatches – centered on teaching children the fundamentals of technology, while empowering parents to easily track and stay connected to their loved ones. For more information, visit company website.