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PogoCam is World’s Smallest, Attachable Camera for your Eyeglasses


After the increasing popularity of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles, this is a sign that there is definitely a market for glasses with cameras in them. But there are a lot of privacy concerns with the integrated camera approach. But PogoTec believes it has found a perfect solution in the form of a miniature removable camera that can be attached to a pair of glasses made with a custom magnetic mount. When the camera is removed, the glasses simply look like an ordinary pair of eyewear.

Look and Shoot

PogoCam is the smallest look and shoots camera in the world attachable to eyewear. PogoCam is simple to use. You just have to “look and shoot”. It was designed from the start to fit on eyewear without distracting from the fashion look. PogoCam can easily and quickly be removed if needed.


PogoTec wants to replace the round support wire in the arms of glasses with a flat one. They want to magnetize it and then cut away part of the plastic around it to expose the metal. They call this design PogoTrack, and the company says it has partnered with a few glass frame companies to integrate the idea into their products.

Technology and Traditional Wearable

The main point of this whole idea is that you’ll be able to attach any one of a suite of PogoTec products to a pair of glasses without being limited to design, or being left out in the cold if you wear prescription lenses. The first product that the company plans to make for these glasses is, obviously, a camera. Integrating technology into traditional wearable devices without compromising style is one of PogoTec’s primary goals.

Smaller than a Tube of Lipstick

PogoCam is a tiny self-powered unit smaller than a tube of lipstick. It has its own metal strip that magnetically attaches to any pair of glasses with PogoTrack. The PogoCam isn’t as seamless as Spectacles. The biggest benefit of this kind of design is that you can easily remove the small camera if you’re in a place or situation where it would be unbearable for people to be recorded or photographed. And when you don’t want or need to use the camera, you’re left with glasses that look almost just like any other pair of glasses.

5 Megapixel Sensor

PogoCam will die out after 100 photos or 12 10-second 720p video clips. It also has a 5-megapixel sensor, which is low by today’s standards. And unlike Spectacles, there’s no wireless file transferring, so you’ll have to take the camera off the glasses and snap them into a small case that plugs into your laptop. The company claims that there will eventually be a Bluetooth-enabled case.

PogoCam has No Display

The PogoCam is just a camera that can capture media from the wearer’s viewpoint, which means there is no display to look through or UI to navigate like with the full-blown Google Glass. A small blinking light on the front lets others know that the device is recording. Recording on PogoCam is activated and stopped with a single button press on the side of the PogoCam, and the camera can easily be removed from a pair of glasses for places or situations where cameras are discouraged. Video and photos from the camera can be transferred to the PogoCam app through Bluetooth or with a wired connection. PogoCam offers a recharge time of roughly 30 minutes.

Releasing Next Month

PogoCam will cost $130, which is about the same price as Snap Inc.’s Spectacles. It will start shipping in the month of March this year.