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Pebble Watch: Spare a thought for these awesome SmartWatches

Pebble Watch

The world is full of news regarding fitness trackers and all types of fancy SmartWatches and we can’t help it but compare some of the best Smartwatches that can make these new companies’ fortune( just like Pebble) And some could even spoil it( hope Apple Watch does not finally prove this right) and it remains to see what should be the ideal apps and notifications that should be allowed on the SmartWatch and also what should be the price of the watch so that the SmartWatch consumers can easily compare and make their choice. Let us see why Pebble is making the news.

The uncomplicated Pebble watch

Pebble provides a range of SmartWatches which are funky for the hipster generation as well as a more swankier option for the cool dudes who would like to go a little light on their pocket and are not ready to invest their college money on a watch. ( Sorry Apple, we know it hurts but can’t help it).

Pebble broke all the previous Kickstarter records by bagging $10 Million in their initial campaign which was a major feat to begin with, that too in 2012 when not many people were convinced about the concept. And in less than a year in 2013, Pebble Watch was born and an upgraded steel version of the watch was out in 2014. An eventful journey so far for Pebble.

Features of Pebble Watch

The Pebble Watch is enviously customisable along with beautiful downloadable watch faces and handy internet savvy apps to enhance the experience. Get all the useful notifications at a glance and you don’t need to get your smartphone every time a friend pings you for a chat or check your mails instantly.

The Pebble runs for an astonishing 7 days or more on a single charge which is not possible even with the Apple Watch, which some tech blogs believe would have to be recharged every single night. The Pebble Watch is Water Resistant so you don’t need to suppress that adventurous guy in you.

The Pebble Watch could be your best fitness tracker as many health related apps are available for the Pebble Watch and don’t worry about reading it in the bright daylight as the text is made to be readable in broad daylight too so read your texts in the sun too without any hassle.

Why you should seriously go for Pebble Watch?

Pebble Watch has the most number of options available as far as the colours are concerned. Colours like Orange, Cherry Red,  Arctic White make a fashion statement along with the evergreen Jet Black and Grey variant. There are thousands of apps to chose from so that you can enjoy the best apps for your Pebble whether it is Android or iOS, you do not need to worry anymore. As the normal Pebble Watches are made from TPU rubber/ silicone and polycarbonate casing, it is easy to keep the watch neat and tidy with just a soft cloth and if necessary use a mild cleaning agent.

Pebble is said to be the first among the list of SmartWatches that have taken the technological world by storm and every other company is now trying to either manufacture a SmartWatch( If they have something to do with hardware) and the developers are busy developing apps fit for the SmartWatches.

The regular Pebble Watches starts from as low as $99 and the recently introduced uber Pebble Steel starts with a meagre $199, which can lure us to just try out these watches for the excellent features at such an affordable price. Way to go Pebble!