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ORII: A Smart Ring That lets You Hear And Talk Through Your Finger

ORII- A smart ring1

ORII is the world’s first voice-powered smart ring. ORII turns your finger into a smart phone. You can make calls, send messages, set reminders, or anything else, just by touching your ear. You can do the things that Siri or Google Assistant can do for you. ORII uses bone conduction to send sound along your finger and into your ear. ORII is stylish and spy-ish.

Bone Conduction Technology.

ORII makes use of Bone Conduction Technology. It gives you a magical experience of listening to something through your finger. This technology is proven, tested, and used in medical-grade hearing aids. Just touch your ear and ORII will send clear audio with complete privacy along your finger. Thousands of people have tried ORII and said the hearing experience is amazing.

Siri And Google Assistant Ready.

ORII is built to work with your phone’s voice assistant easily. A long-press on ORII’s CapSense button to will up Siri and Google Assistant. Then use the dual noise-cancelling microphones to tell your voice assistant how they can help you.

ORII is durable, lightweight, and designed to be worn comfortably on the hand all day. ORII is worry-free. It’s splash-proof and made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. By putting Siri / Google Assistant on your hand, ORII gives a screen-free way to use your smart phone.

Powerful Communication Features.

1. Easy Calling and Messaging When You’re On-The-Go

OR II is built with walkers and talkers in mind. It is perfect for when you’re on-the-go and need to take care of that quick call or text. Just leave your phone in your pocket or bag and touch your ear to start communicating.

You can wear ORII all day without the discomfort of having something in your ear. It is lightweight and worn on your hand. It’s always ready when you are.

2. Hear and Talk In loud Places

It is built to work even in loud places. Bone conduction uses physical vibration to send sound to your ear. This will block the background noise and not interrupt your audio quality. And when you’re talking, ORII’s dual noise-cancelling microphones make sure you come across crystal clear.

3. Discreet and Private Interactions.

ORII helps you stay focused on the people you’re with by filtering notifications and making calls and messaging more discreet. If there is a call you need to take, just touch your ear and take care of business.

4. Get the Most Out of Siri / Google Assistant.

It is the most convenient way to use Siri / Google Assistant. Instead of having it on your phone or in a smart speaker, having it in a ring is more useful. It’s time to take care of those daily tasks while keeping your phone in your pocket!

5. Filter Your Notifications.

You can filter your notifications through the ORII app. This can be done by choosing your favorite apps and select your key contacts and assign them a color. The LED light will let you know what kind of notification is coming through.

6. Dual CapSense Buttons.

Dual CapSense buttons are hidden inside its casing. This allows the outside to stay sleek, grime-proof, and splash-proof. To control your phone and to activate Siri / Google Assistant, tap once or a double tap or a long press can do it.

7. Splash proof & Charging.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and get your hands dirty. It’s designed to be splash-proof and meets IPX7 water resistance testing. ORII comes with a charging dock. It takes 1.5 hours for Its to charge fully.

Comes In Three Different Colours.

It is available in three colors. This includes sandblasted silver, metallic dark gray and matte black. Beta user’s ring will be shipped in November 2017. The first batch of the ring will be delivered in February 2018.