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Opto VR Headset – The Gadget with Built-in Audio Experience

Opto VR Headset

There is a vast VR world with VR content growing exponentially and expanding with lots of documentaries, videos, and the like. Sometimes while watch VR content, our earphones get tangled and then makes us uncomfortable wearing them. With a new portable VR headset along with built-in audio feature, Opto has launched an all-in-one device that all can use to enjoy movies, games, and more.

OPTO, the company has launched the product on KickStarter and initiated a campaign for funding £40,000. The campaign is going on as I write this article.

Introduction to the Opto World of VR Headset

OPTO is a new kind of VR headset that can play virtual reality content inside its lightweight build and portable design. Watch a movie while travelling and even when you just feel like sitting on a sofa to watch a movie. The on-ear speakers negate the necessity of using external headphones similar to Samsung Gear VR.

One just  has to remove the front cover, insert a smartphone and then connect the audio jack, snap it back. such a way that, the entire headset acts like a case wrapt around the phone. All smartphones with a display size between 4 and 5.1 inches can be used to work with the gadget. And also one can slide in spectacles while using the headset which is not possible with the other versions.

The Headset Attributes

The built-in audio speakers provide great sound and are covered with ultra lightweight foam, which delivering comfortable viewing angles. With extra large lenses, that are easily 25% bigger than any other VR headset, users benefit from greater clarity, and a great field of view. One can re-attach the phone easily without affecting your VR experience.

One can use OPTO for watching VR movies and videos, and also play VR games that can be found in app stores. Horror videos and thrillers can also be played with an IMAX experience as if you are right there in the theatre. Even online VR content found in 360Video can be watched in an all enveloping experience.

With the XL EXTRALIGHT foam that covers its build, OPTO includes aspherical lens with a FOV of 100°. The audio driver diameter is nearly 40mm which boasts of a good frequency of 20hz/20khz. One can choose from one of the three different colours of the VR headset.

Designed with Elegance

OPTO is designed by Tom and Richard as part of Makerversity, that is a co-working start-up space. The company is working on the Finproject too. OPTO will not be usable with displays that span more than 5.1-inches.  The device though is more comfortable than the average Google Cardboard because of its futuristic design and lightweight injection-moulded foam. The magnetic cover resolves the issue of quick smartphone access that allows the user to tap away the phone within the headset.

The Vision Behind

The on-ear headphones gives Opto a huge advantage over the competition. The high-quality VR gadget is a blessing for everyone who is interested in having a great VR experience and owns a smartphone. Transcending the gaming experience right into the living room.

The London-based company is expected to achieve its initial crowdfunding target and with requests from the backers to increase the screen size compatibility, the makers are prompting designers to push the size-quota for supporting iPhone 6 Plus.

The standard edition is priced at £65 while £10 UK shipping charges might be levied too. The delivery of the VR headset is supposed to start from October 2016 to meet the pre-bookings.