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Omate x Nanoblock: The New Smartwatch to Help Digital Parenting

Omate x Nanoblock

Digital parenting is already booming with parents adopting new digital means with smart devices to watch over their kids and their activities. To add more value to this finally we have Omate X Nanoblock, a smartwatch designed and developed especially to help digital parenting. Recently Tata Communications partnering with a leading digital wearables maker Omate has released a new children’s smartwatch named Omate x Nanoblock. As envisaged, it would help digital parenting in many unforeseen ways. Tata Communications will be presenting the smartwatch in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

Global connectivity solutions

The Omate x Nanoblock equips itself with 3G connectivity along with the power of a built-in Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™ SIM card. For accurate position and location mapping, it simultaneously utilises GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. The Japanese toy manufacturer brand Diablock provides limited edition wrist strap for the watch. This global connectivity solution helps parents keeping in constant touch with their children.

Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™ basically nourishes the relationships of Tata Communications with hundreds of mobile network operators (MNO) all over the globe to ensure top-notch, reliable connectivity solution with the Omate x Nanoblock. While this expanding relationships with mobile network operators of different countries will strengthen the network connectivity performance for the smartwatch, this will equally help in expanding the market presence for this new smartwatch. This will help to sell the smartwatch also as the ‘wearable-as-a-service’ that doesn’t need to opt for the data connectivity package locally.

Unmatched security

With this global standard connectivity solution built in, Omate can easily locate the children and just help parents reach out to the kids when they need it most. Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™ helps to access all locations, messages and video calling data over a virtual private network (VPN) along with highly secure end-to-end encryption. This ensures optimum peace of mind for parents with a secure connection.

With the threat of cyber-crime looming large, the high end of security cover for devices and apps will work as an untameable safeguard for the digital activities of the little minds. Basically, this extra layer of security cover with an end to end encryption technology sets Omate x Nanobook apart from most other smartwatches in the market.

Promise of always connected digital experience

We have already seen the tremendous potential of the Internet of Things technology which has already penetrated across every home and workplace. But most of the IoT devices still depends on local connectivity solutions. This local connectivity often proves to be severely limiting for a truly global always-connected digital experience. With Omate x Nanoblock these constraints will not be able to make any roadblocks for availing real-time connectivity across places and locations.

The Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™ platform is equipped to incorporate any new API to foster creative brilliance in connected devices. This automated platform is fully integrated into the business processes and operation of Omate to allow real time access to the data usage of the users. Apart from this, it also provides real time control over the billing and tariffs. This also ensures instant connectivity to customers switching to this smartwatch for the first time. Moreover, depending upon the age of the kids and typical knack, many features of the watch can be customised.

The vision is to connect smart devices as well

As per the makers of the Omate x Nanoblock, the smartwatch thanks to its capabilities in managing subscribers and connectivity automatically can help coming with new innovative consumer-focused features to connect all smart home devices and appliances with real time remote control for the parents. Already the company is eyeing for partnerships with many of the biggest consumer electronics brands across the world. This will also help to make the smartwatch emerge as a sophisticated IOT device pushing the growth across several continents.

Price and availability

Just like so many other smartwatches unleashed for kids, it will also come with a yearly subscription package for seamless and continuous connectivity. The company indicates that one year data plan will be offered with the smartwatch. The smartwatch with one year data plan will cost $179. The Omate x Nanoblock will be open for pre-order from April this year on and is expected to be shipped from June this year in the US and Europe market.

Key features

Some of the key features of the Omate x Nanoblock includes:

  • Two-way voice chat
  • Location detection through connected app
  • SOS alert
  • Pedometer
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Battery life running for 3 days
  • A front selfie camera
  • Photo gallery to access snaps
  • SIM card that provides 100mb data/month
  • Exclusive Japanese built Nanoblock straps
  • Magnetic charger working for USB data transfer as well
  • Two colours variants, respectively as white and black

In closing

Omate x Nanoblock is truly a unique smartwatch for kids that can make figural parenting truly easier with constant connectivity. Covering hundreds of network providers and keeping the IOT promise, it is a lot more than a kid’s smartwatch.